W.C 4.5.2020 Maths


This week we will continue to use the White Rose Maths which I know you all became familiar with last week. We are only completing lessons 1 – 4 as there is no Home Learning on Friday due to the Bank Holiday. 

Yr 1

There are no flashback 4 this week so you will need to go onto the Maths Warm Up and complete the Fluent in 5 Actitvites.

Your main activities can be found on the White Rose Maths Website

Summer Term Week 3 ( W.C 4th May 20202)


Please watch the video and then click on the Get Activity worksheet and the Answers worksheet. 


Please start with your Warm Up Activity sheet.

Your main activities can be found on the White Rose Maths Website

Summer Term Week 3 (W.C 4th May 2020)

Hungry Caterpillar


Please find below the Resources needed this week

4.5.2020 Reception Maths The Hungry Caterpillar



“To be truthful with others, you must first be truthful with yourself”

Thought of the Day

‘I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God’.  In a court of law a witness swears an oath on the Bible or another sacred text, but sometimes in everyday life people find it more difficult to be truthful.

Talk together about occasions when complete honesty could cause trouble or be hurtful. For example:
• When a member of your family asks you if you like their new shoes
• When telling the truth will get your friend into trouble
• When someone asks what you are thinking but the answer would hurt their feelings

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