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Happy Christmas.  With the last day of term being so close to Christmas this year we have had plenty of time to get into the spirit of Christmas here in school. As a Church of England School we will be celebrating the Christian understanding of Christmas at our church service on Thursday 21st December, 9.15am and we hope you will be able to join us.  Some pupils were able to participate in the recent Christingle Service at church.  Each element of a Christingle has a special meaning and helps to tell the Christian Story.

Another exciting Christmas event happened in school, although not so exciting for the cleaners!

Mysteriously, the cleaners left a tidy classroom on Friday evening and on Monday morning staff found the upstairs year 2 classroom like this!  Pupils in Class 1 and 2 have been busy working out what happened with some creative writing developing from the experience.  What creature makes footprint like that?

Our last week of term is busy with pupils in Classes 1 and 2 delivering their nativity ‘Lights, Camel, Action’ to the whole school and their families.  A great deal of effort has gone into the learning of lines, chorography and singing practise so we are excited to see the final performances.

All pupils will be able to visit Blockley Church on Tuesday where the church community are running an Experience Christmas event for the school.   Each class group will walk down to church and take part in a short workshop learning about the Christian meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus.

On Wednesday, staff and pupils will enjoy their Christmas lunch, a whole school community event that really expresses Blockley School as a family.  Thanks to all those that put so much effort into the creation of a wonderful Christmas meal.  We will be raising money for the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group with pupils taking part in an Elf Run and making a Christmas crown. We will all be in the Christmas Spirit with our Christmas jumpers and may even have a special visitor in the afternoon.

Looking back over the term we have had a variety of events and activities happening in school. 

Governor in School Week

At the beginning of the term governors were able to visit the school and see a variety of lessons and activities in school.  Governors are vital in helping the school run efficiently and effectively to give pupils the best education possible.  They plan the strategic direction of the school and it is important they have opportunity to see the school at work.

Parents Evening

Staff were pleased to be able to share with parents how their child is progressing at school during our parents evenings.   Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you wish to discuss any concerns with staff during the school year.

Sports Hall Athletics

Class 5 were able to compete against other schools in a Sports Hall Athletics Competition at Chipping Campden School at the beginning of November.  All performed well in the skill based competitions.  The final activity was a team relay which Blockley won!


Year 4 and 5 pupils had an action packed few days at Viney Hill Residential. 

Sharing Assembly

Those parents with children in year 2, Class 3, Class 4 or Class 5 have been able to enjoy the fantastic work that the children have been doing this term by watching the sharing assemblies.  From the Greeks in Class 5, rainforests in Class 4, Stone, Bronze and Iron Age in Class 3 and papaya themed work in year 2.  Reception and year 1 are looking forward to showcasing their work at the start of 2024.

Class Four had a great time designing and making chocolate truffles as part of a festive DT project – they tasted wonderful!

Class 5 have had a wonderful festive time with their wreath making project.  Willow withies from the school forest were cut earlier in the year by the pupils and are now being used to create a wreath to take home.  Individually designed so a great variety.  They also smell amazing with seasonal oils being used to scent the items – a Christmas aroma drifting around the whole school!


The whole school enjoyed a treat to the pantomime to see Cinderella this term.  Quite an experience for younger pupils who haven’t been to the theatre before – a few sleepy heads on the way back!

Maths Challenge

Four pupils, in two teams, winners of an internal competition, were able to compete in a local school competition at Mickleton School.  The maths challenge was based around making the number 24 from four different numbers using a combination of the four different operations.  Well done to Blockley who came first and fourth!

Friends of Blockley School

Thank you to all the parents who give their time freely to help support the school financially by organising events that raise money and provide a social focus to strengthen our school community.  It is certainly appreciated by staff.  We are sure many of you enjoyed the Christmas Fair and look out for the gingerbread trail over Christmas.

Internet Safety

The police Schoolbeat Officer have shared useful resources from the National Cyber Security Centre for 7 to 11 year olds for parents to do with their children.

Further advice for parents and carers on cyber security.

Partnership with Temple Guiting School – update

We are in our third year of our partnership with Temple Guiting school. Both schools are benefiting from the partnership. These area few of the highlights from this term.
Training day on Metacognition and how this impacts children’s learning – both schools attended and shared  ideas and a plan to make this work even better for our pupils.
D+T training Mrs White, Mr Parsons and a teacher from Temple Guiting attended a full days training and as a result have brought back some amazing equipment and project ideas. We will be comparing the results of our projects next term.
EYFS – the EYFS teacher from Temple Guiting has spent time in our Class 1 to see how provision works here and both teachers are supporting each other with assessment and interventions. So both classes are benefitting.
Writing moderation – both Blockley and TG teachers attended the local cluster of schools subject moderation. This ensures we are continuing to make accurate assessments in our subjects and it allows our teachers to share best practise. One of the staff at TG is a Gloucestershire writing moderator for Year 6 writing and is working with us to ensure writing is still a priority for all our pupils. 
Mrs Furniss has been supporting TG with analysing and using the data from testing that happens 3 times each year. This has been so helpful. 
Mrs Furniss has been supporting TG as they moved to a different phonics scheme – very similar to our scheme in Blockley. She has helped with the purchase of new reading books for Key Stage 2 as we made these purchases a year ago and can already see the benefits in our pupils reading. 
A lot of support and challenge goes between the schools and we all feel this has been to the benefit of both schools. 


We look forward to welcoming all pupils and staff back to school on Monday 8th January.

Happy New Year, when it arrives.

Blockley C of E Primary School



Learning to be a good friend, someone who can be trusted and is loyal, takes a lifetime. Talk together about how friends come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are young, some are old.  Some are always there, some we see only occasionally.
• How do we choose our friends?
• What makes a good friend?
• Are we a good friend to others?

Thought of the Day

“A good friend is worth their weight in gold.”
That’s a lot of gold! Why do you think that this is such a popular proverb?