Children, if you don’t feel safe call Childline 08001111 or click ‘online SOS’ for more information.


We extend a warm welcome to all the new families who have joined us this term.  Our reception children have settled in really well and we are proud of the way that they quickly learnt to come sensibly into school with their older peers.  Other pupils that have joined us further up the school have also become quickly part of Blockley School life.

We have had a wonderful Term 1, as evidenced by the work that has taken place this term which we will build upon as the year progresses.   The pupils have really been inspired to learn with fantastic results. We are pleased to be able to share with you some results from the last academic year now that national comparator figures have been released.  Pupil progress and attainment is listed below.   

An amazing set of results and a real tribute to the staff and pupils who were committed to ensure that everyone was able to demonstrate their ability.   We are looking forward to sharing your child’s learning with parents during parents evening in the first week of term 2.

Thank you to parents and carers for all the support you have given to ensure that your child comes to school prepared to learn.  Please ensure all pupils arrive at school on time to ensure that they do not miss important teaching time and that holidays are booked during school breaks.  Our 2024-2025 term dates are now available to ensure that you have plenty of time to book and organise these for the holiday periods.  A reminder that Before School Care begins at 8am and After School Care finishes at 5.30pm.  Please do not drop your child off before 8am as staff are not able to supervise them before this time. 

A busy and relatively long term so we are all looking forward to a refreshing break. 

New Governor

Following advertising for a parent governor, the number of nominations equaled the number of vacancies and therefore the candidate was elected unopposed.  We are pleased to welcome Mr J Graham to our governing board.  He will work with the other governors in the boards’ role to set the strategic direction of the school, oversee the school’s financial performance and hold the executive leader to account. 

Internet Safety

In school we have appropriate filtering and monitoring processes and procedures in place for when pupils use the internet.  Internet enabled devices from home (including smart watches) are not permitted in school (if these are needed at the end of the school day please hand them into the school office).  To help keep your child safe online at home the following resources from the Safer Internet Centre may be helpful. 

Parents and Carers – UK Safer Internet Centre

Term Dates

Term dates for 2024-2025 including INSET days can now be found on the school website.

Term Dates


Please be mindful of our neighbours and ensure that cars are parked sensibly both in the car park and on local roads to ensure that access to property is not blocked, even for a short while.  Emergency access is required at all times.

Unfortunately, we have noticed some damage to the stone wall.  If you see anyone removing stones please report this to the school.

Class 1

Pupils in Class 1 have been exploring the life and work of six key abstract artists and using paint, have created pieces in a range of abstract styles. 

This creativity is extended into their literacy work, where they have the opportunity to experience a breath of literacy material to ignite a passion for drawing and thus creative writing as part of the Class 1 drawing club. This is very popular and the pupils are thoroughly enjoying creating literacy inspired annotated drawings.







Class 2 have enjoyed learning about the Great fire of London in history this term and explored the different artefacts that people used to fight fires in 1666. They have done some excellent art and design work related to their history topic.

In RE the children have been answering the question “Why should we care for the world?” and have come up with different ways they can do that. 

Class 3

As part of their Harvest Service contributions Class 3 spent some time thinking about wheat, farming and the food we reap from the fields.   They wrote their thoughts into acrostic poems.  Some pupils were able to read their creations out during the service, others showed their final decorated written work.

Pre-Roman Britain has been a central topic for Class 3 this term with cross curricular work completed on this theme.  The topic culminated in a visit to the ancient meadows and rivers of Greystones Farm at Bourton-on-the-Water. The nature reserve is the site of the Salmonsbury Camp, an important meeting place during Neolithic and Iron Age periods and a Scheduled Monument.  Although wet underfoot pupils enjoyed a sunny day at the site and were able to spend time in the replica Iron Age Roundhouse. Pupils learnt about the late Iron Age settlement and the people who lived there 2,000 years ago. They were able to explore original artefacts, examine the archaeology still visible today and stand on the ramparts where people traded with the Romans. Pupils completed some of the daily chores of people of the time, including foraging for firewood, fire-lighting, grinding flour for bread and cooking it on the fire. They also had the opportunity to mix daub with their hands and use it to repair the walls of the roundhouse.












Class 4

Class 4 have Rainforests as their topic focused around the fictional story of The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.  They have studied rainforests in relation to living things and their habitat, the climate and location of rainforests; studying the Amazon Basin bringing mathematical analysis into their work to report on the land use, cultural vulnerabilities, environmental impact and economic trade, for presentation in their own Earth summit.  The varied work linked to this topic is demonstrated in the artwork adorning the corridor artwork adorning the corridor.

Class 5

Beginning with the class novel of ‘Who Let the Gods Out’ by Maz Evans (a clever blend of the modern-day issue of child carers and the fantastical world of Greek myths constantly trying to outwit one another), as an introduction to the Ancient Greek Myths and Legends, pupils have been exploring this topic across different subject areas.

Coram Life Education

All classes were able to experience Coram Life Education LifeSpace tent this term. Inside LifeSpace children have an enriching, immersive experience in an environment that includes lighting effects, a large screen and technology to help them look inside the human body and find out how it works.  The sessions are age specific with Harold, the giraffe puppet and his friends interacting with the younger pupils.  The programme promotes positive behaviour, mental health, wellbeing, resilience and achievement.

School Harvest Festival

It was lovely to join with so many parents for the school harvest festival led by Class 5 looking at wheat and farming.  Art, poetry prayers and singing were supplied by the rest of the school.  A wonderful service. 

Donations were sent to the local food bank.  If you wish to donate or need support from the foodbank please visit their website

North Cotswold Foodbank | Helping Local People in Crisis

Our Parent Suport Advisior can also direct families to areas of support.  She can be contacted on psa@bourtonschool

Free School meal support can be accessed 

Interschool Cross Country

Children in Class 4 and 5 took part in an interschool cross country race at Chipping Campden Secondary School. We are thrilled to announce that overall we came 2nd out of the 6 participating schools! Well done Blockley.

All children showed a greater level of fitness compared to last year just going to show that hard work does pay off!


Each race had up to 60 participants – special congratulations to the following children who all gained a top 10 position in their race:

Scarlet and Phoebe (Lower Key Stage 2 Girls)

Millar and Ezra (Lower Key Stage 2 Boys)

Miller, Philippa, Sylvia, Cora and Mya (Upper Key Stage 2 Girls)


Special congratulations to the following children who came in podium positions

Rafe  – 3rd Lower Key Stage 2 Boys)

Zach – 2nd (Upper Key Stage 2 Boys)

New reception open day

We are looking forward to welcoming more families with children due to start school in reception 2024 to our Open Morning on Tuesday 14th November (9.15am-10.30am).


Understanding Reading Meeting (Class 1 and 2) – meeting date to be confirmed

Viney Hill Residential for year 4 and year 5 – 22nd – 24th November

Year 2 Sharing Assembly – 24th November 9am

Class 3 Sharing Assembly – 1st December 9am

Class 4 Sharing Assembly – 8th December 9am

Pantomime, whole school, Chipping Norton – 12th December

Class 5 Sharing Assembly – 15th December 9am

Class 1 and 2 Nativity – afternoon performance 19th December

Class 1 and 2 Nativity – evening performance 20th December

Term Ends – Friday 22nd December 2pm, no After School Care

And finally…

Staff were on wildlife rescue this term, after a hedgehog was released from being entangled in our playground football net.  It scurried off quite happily once it had been released, so no worse for wear from its ordeal.



“Trusting someone is like knowing you can jump and they will be there to catch you” Anon

Thought of the Day


Trust is a really important value.  It must be earned. If we do not trust someone it is very hard to build a good friendship with them.
Talk together about:
• people who you know that are trustworthy
• practical ways that we can show others that we are trustworthy
• why it is important to be able to trust others when working together as a team