Children, if you don’t feel safe call Childline 08001111 or click ‘online SOS’ for more information.



We extended a warm welcome to our new reception pupils and other pupils throughout the school who all joined us in September.  They have settled in extremely well and were soon very confident and independent entering the school gates.  Thank you to all the parents for preparing and supporting your children to be ready for school.

Class 1 have enjoyed sharing reading with parents during squash and story time. Reading with your child is a really important way to help them in their education journey and we therefore encourage reading by all in school.  Research by the Book Trust has found that ‘reading matters because it can have a lifelong positive impact on a child, affecting their health and wellbeing, creativity and educational outcomes’.

Tips for reading with your child can be found on the Book Trust website:

Staff are able to illustrate their love of books through our reading wall, in school, where we can all share our current books as an inspiration to others.

Reading Shed

All pupils are able to get outside during break and lunch for some exercise and fresh air.  However, once they have burnt off some energy some prefer a quieter time and an opportunity to relax with a book.  Thank you to support from FOS the playground now has a reading shed where pupils are able to relax on a bean bag and read a book.  A welcome addition to the playground entertainment and a great opportunity to install a love of reading.

Open the Book

Staff and older children, who remember the Open the Book collective worship, were very pleased to welcome back the Open the Book team in September, with some new faces.  They had an enforced break due to Covid and are now back to Open up the Bible for us on a weekly basis with dramatised Bible stories.  One of the earlier sessions was particularly popular, Noah’s Ark, with older children playing the roles of Noah’s family, the dove and rainbow and the younger children asked to bring in soft cuddly toys representing the animals in the ark.  It was a rather full ark but thankfully stayed afloat!

Outdoor Learning

Pupils are enjoying using our forest area for outdoor learning sessions during class lessons and our afterschool club.  Great artwork has been produced both this year and last year.  Class 5 have been busy cutting the willow to make creations later on next term.


Class 2 village walk

Class 2 have been enjoying the village during the school day.  As part of their geography work they have been making notes on the local area to create a leaflet about the village.  Design and art skills will also be used in its creation.

Reception photo for paper

The first few weeks at school were celebrated with a photo in the Stratford Herold, along with other local primary schools.  Everyone looked very smart in their new school uniforms.

Bishop Robert Visit

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II we were pleased to welcome Bishop Robert to school along with Revd Craig Bishop.  Bishop Robert was able to share his memories of the Queen and speak with the children about their feelings.

Queen Elisabeth II – Book of Condolence

Pupils were all able to fill our Book of Condolence.   Each child chose appropriate words/pictures to write in the outline of the Queen’s head and decorated as they saw fit.  This is to be sent to be archived. 

First Aid Training

Blockley and Temple Guiting Staff have updated their First Aid Training, with all achieving a Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid.

Harvest Festival

The church was able to welcome pupils and parents to our Harvest Festival again.  Celebrating the good gifts that we are provided with, Class 5 were able to lead the service.  Class 2 and 3 created wonderful apple themed art which is on display around the school.  Class 1 sang the song ‘Way up High in the Apple Tree’ to a captive audience. Class 5 linked the whole service together beautifully and Class 4 prayerfully ended the time of worship.  Thank you to all the parents who were able to come and fill the church with song!

Music lessons

Along with singing we are keen to support music throughout the school and KS2 are looking forward to visits from Gloucestershire Music later in the year, when they will all have the opportunity to play an instrument in class for 10 weeks.  Pupils in reception and KS1 have the opportunity to use the school instruments in their class music lessons.

We also offer peripatetic music lessons in school.  We have woodwind and brass instrument teachers visiting school to offer lessons to pupils.  Instruments can be hired from Gloucestershire Music and there are local trusts that will support music lessons if cost is a barrier.  If there is enough interest we can also organize for a violin and guitar teacher to come into school.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school office if you are interested in instrumental lessons for your child.

Art shirts for school

Whenever pupils participate in art and craft activities in school they wear an old small adult sized shirt to protect their school uniform.  Some of these are getting a little worn now, so if you do have any suitable shirts that you can donate to school they would be very welcome.

Displays in school

We love to celebrate pupils’ hard work and one way we do this is through displays in school.  During parents evening after half term do have a look at the displays in the corridor.  Class 5 have written some thrilling short horror stories, creating suspense and ending in a cliff hanger.  They used this optical illusion picture as their writing stimulus.

Their artistic talents are also on show with their study of the different artist styles of Pablo Picasso.  The pupils experimented with photographic self portraits in the cubist style before creating self portraits using a range of mediums.  The finished artwork is amazing!

Class 4 have written Anglo Saxon tales based on their class text of Beowulf and created a collection of Anglo-Saxon style amulets using clay and paint.

 In RE they have been studying the Holy Trinity and been endeavouring to answer the key question What is the Holy Trinity?  They have created pieces of artwork and written Kenning poetry to show their understanding of the trinity.

Mind – controller, Happiness – maker, Pain – keeper

Zoo – maker, Cross – stander, Winged – trust

Mountain – creator, Positive – healer, Water – bird

Human – maker, Sin – taker, Holy – guider

World – maker, Grave – buster, Energy – booster

Life – maker, Straw – baby, Sin – washer

The apples Class 3 showed during Harvest Festival are on display outside their classroom.  The pupils sketched their carefully nurtured apples and used the medium of oil pastels to add colour and depth.  The pupils spent a lot of time observing the different colours and shades on the apples and really enjoyed blending different coloured oil pastels until the desired effect was achieved.

Class 2 are also showing their apple art, although some look a little eaten with wiggly worms popping out of their pictures!  The process they use to create their art work is illustrated with the Van Gogh inspired pictures, sketching and then adding colour.  They also looked at adding pencil shading and texture. 

Some of Class 2’s writing work is displayed with writing about ways in which they are special. 

In history Class 1 have developed their understanding of the past, looking at themselves as babies.  They have also looked further into the past with study of the Queens’ coronation.  Making crowns helped them remember what they had learned. 

Reading has been encouraged with the reading tree containing photos of pupils reading in unusual places!


Class 3 have been learning about states of matter in science.  They have conducted some interesting experiments: making their own fossils by creating clay moulds with shells in and filling with plaster of paris; making compost bins with live worms; discovering how quickly chocolate melts and making rice crispy cakes with the chocolate!


Blockley School is linked with a school in Ghana.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to understand how pupils in another country experience education.  We have an ongoing correspondence with the pupils there and have been able to provide desks for the pupils in the past.  Recently Class 4 and 5 pupils have written letters.  We are looking forward to setting up joint projects this year.   

Sports Stars

Sports successes are celebrated in school on our Sports Stars wall.  If anyone has achieved an award out of school then we would love to see the certificate in school and copy it for the wall. 


Pupils thoroughly enjoyed their day of music and sport with workshops and the creation of videos.  Private links to watch the videos are being sent out via ParentPay at the end of the term and pupils are watching these in class.

National Poetry Day

We celebrated National Poetry Day in school with all classes having poetry sessions.  Class 5 composed poems linked to their geography topic – water.  Their poetry was influenced by Meredith Hooper’s book ‘The Drop in My Drink’ and Thomas Lock’s ‘Water Dance’.

Class 2 have entered a poetry competition with their work!

Class 3 went on a nature trail around Blockley to collect material to help create poems for National Poetry Day.  They studied the poem Nature Trail by Benjamin Zephaniah before writing their own poems. 

School Council

Class members have elected school councillors to represent them during the school council meetings.  They are already organising events and are supporting Children In Need on 18th November.  The pupils will be able to dress up in colourful clothing, have a funky hair competition and hold a cake sale to raise money for charity.  We are sure that the pupils away in the Forest of Dean will be having lots of fun of their own!  More details about Children in Need will be sent out in due course.

School Photographs

All pupils had their individual photographs taken by the school photographer and the proof cards will be with you straight after half term for you to order photographs in time for Christmas!


Well done to year 6 pupils for passing their Bikeability.  Pupils had to pass level 1 on the playground to ensure they were safe to go on the road.  Level 2 in then carried out around Blockley.  Fitness levels were tested as they all encountered the hills!


Pupils are looking forward to the disco at the end of the term.  Thank you to FOS for all the hard work that goes into putting on the event. Thanks also to Andrea, our school cook, for cooking the hot dogs!

Car Park

We all want to feel safe and keep our children safe around vehicles.  Can all the users of the car park please ensure that they are mindful of each other and drive slowly and safely.  Many thanks.


A reminder that we encourage healthy eating in school and therefore ask pupils to bring in healthy snacks and healthy packed lunches if they do not have school dinners.  A reminder that nuts and nut products should not be brought into school

Life Education visit

Straight after half term we are looking forward to a visit from Coram Life Education.  Pupils will have the chance to learn about how to keep healthy and safe in an age appropriate way.  Class 1 have a workshop – ‘All about me’, Class 2 – Feelings, Class 3 – Meet the Brain, Class 4 – It’s Great to be Me, Class 5 – Decisions. 

Hydration and Plastic Pollution

The climate and looking after our environment is an important part of education.  Pupils have all received an assembly on hydration and plastics.  This covered the importance of staying hydrated for the human body; how to reduce single use plastic pollution by using refillable water bottles; the journey of 4 plastic bottles to highlight the importance of recycling.  The session was interactive, information and fun using videos, demonstrations, props, pictures and a song!  Thank you to Severn Trent for delivering the session. 

Class 5 then had a Water Street workshop as this linked with their current topic.  They were able to embed their learning of the water cycle and look at how various families use water.

Chipping Campden Speech Day

We are always excited to hear about pupil’s ongoing successes.  During speech day last academic year a number of ex Blockley pupils gained awards, well done!

Christmas Shoe Boxes

We are supporting the charity Teams4U this year with their shoebox appeal.  Leaflets have not yet arrived but a digital copy can be found on the website.  Completed boxes need to be returned by Monday 14th November and individual items (boxes will be made up by pupils in school) by Monday 7th November.

Further details will be sent out via ParentPay.

Parent Support Advisor

Our Parent Support Advisor is Rowena and she can be contacted on the following email address or via Blockley School.

If you are struggling in the current financial climate and need support please do not hesitate to be in touch.  Rowena can issue foodbank vouchers. 


We have been asked to share this information with you.

COVID vaccines: how to access first or second doses for children aged 5-17

It isn’t too late for children to access a COVID vaccination if they haven’t already completed their course.

Children are eligible for:

  • First or second dose – Children aged 5 to 11 (paediatric dose Pfizer)
  • First or second doses – Children aged 12-17 (Pfizer)
  • Third primary dose – Children aged 5-11 who are severely immunocompromised (paediatric dose Pfizer – 8 weeks after second dose), anyone aged 12+ who is severely immunocompromised (Pfizer – 8 weeks after second dose)
  • Autumn booster – Children aged 5-11 who are severely immunocompromised or household contact of someone immunocompromised (paediatric dose Pfizer – at least 3 months after previous dose), anyone aged 12-17 who is severely immunocompromised or household contact of someone immunocompromised (Pfizer – at least 3 months after previous dose)

*children aged 5-15 inclusive must wait 12 weeks after a COVID-19 infection to get a vaccination

**people aged 16 or over must wait four weeks after a COVID-19 infection to get a vaccination

To access a vaccination, contact your GP Practice for advice on how to book an appointment at a local vaccination centre, use the national booking system to get an appointment at a community pharmacy or the JabVan at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital ( or call 119), or look out for drop-in clinics on the local COVID information portal.

Please make sure to carefully check eligibility before taking your child to a drop-in clinic; depending on their age they may only have specific vaccines which will not always be available at every clinic.

More information about the COVID vaccines for children and young people is available here.

Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust




‘Count your blessings’ is an old saying, but it reminds us to be thankful and not take things for granted.  As a family you may like to talk about
• Remembering to let other people know when you are thankful
• Not taking things for granted
• Practical ways of showing gratitude
• How it feels when someone thanks you!

Thought of the Day


God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.
Have you used one to say thank you?”