Tracking Pupils’ Progress


It is very important that pupil’s development is carefully tracked ‘year on year’ to observe that progress is taking place. In the past this was based upon ‘levels’ and ‘average point scores’. Unfortunately this standardised system no longer exists and each school is expected to devise its own methods of assessment and recording.

The 2014 National Curriculum is based upon ‘year group’ objectives which need to be met in order that each child achieves their year group ‘Age Related Expectation’. As a school we monitor pupil’s academic development at 6 points during the year. This information is collated electronically so that we can monitor progress ‘year on year’ and compare this to the expected rates of progress.
Monitoring our children’s progress in the core curriculum areas is an important way of checking that each child is achieving all of the necessary objectives. Any that have not been achieved can then be worked upon and fulfilled, ensuring that each child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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