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    At Blockley Church of England Primary School it is recognised that the responsibility for promoting good attendance and punctuality is shared by all staff, governors, parents and carers and the pupil.  As a school we aim to maintain a minimum attendance rate of 96% and maintain parents’ and pupils’ awareness of the importance of regular attendance.

    We have an attendance policy that has been produced in conjunction with other North Cotswold Primary Schools following advice from the Local Authority.

    We encourage regular attendance at all times. Regular or prolonged absences which are avoidable, have a seriously detrimental effect on a child’s education and often effect their ability to form good friendships with their peers.

    If children are unwell it is, of course advisable for them to be at home, where they can receive the love and care they need to regain good health.

    The school actively discourages parents/carers from arranging family holidays during term time because of the considerable disruption this causes to the education of children. Some children never catch up or make up ground lost during extended holiday absences. Children who are taken out of school at the very beginning of a term often have difficulty settling in to the routines of school on their return from a family holiday.

    If your child is absent from school it is a requirement that you contact school to inform us of the reason for their absence.  If the absence is unexpected parents/carers must telephone or call into school by 10am on the first day of absence. Any unexplained absence will be classed as truancy and may consequently be investigated by the Education Welfare Team.

    If appointments have to be made during school hours, the school should be pre-notified through the school office.  If your child has to leave school early for any reason please let the school office and class teacher know in advance. You should report to the office and children will be collected from the classroom by the school administration officer. 

    Any request for holidays during term time must be made to the Head Teacher by filling out a Notice of Absence Form available from the School Office.

    If you arrange for anyone else to collect your child from school please let us know beforehand. 

    Government Advice – managing infectious diseases