Term 2 2021 News Bulletin

Dear Parents/Carers,

I can hardly believe we are approaching the end of the Christmas term already, it seems to have flown by. The Nativity performance was a joy and we are so glad you will be able to share it with your family together in the comfort of your own home – why not get some popcorn and hot chocolate to make it a real Christmas event? The Christmas services at church have been such a wonderful time to think about the Christmas story – a huge thank you to Dana for arranging each class to have it’s own service to keep our children safe.

We are very hopeful that we will return in January to normal school life but we will have to watch and wait to see what unfolds over the next few weeks. We will keep you informed of any changes over the holidays. Please do LFT your children on Tuesday 4th evening so we can start school as clear as possible of Covid.

We want to wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and hope that 2022 will be a wonderful year for us all- we have so much to look forward to in the coming months.

Class News

Class 1

Class 1 have had a really busy term learning all about their senses in Science, their favourite activity was tasting different flavours of yoghurt! In English Reception have been lucky to have two Zoom Author visits and we have now found out how great we are as illustrators.

A HUGE well done to the whole of KS1 for their Nativity performance, we as staff are very proud of the effort and performances made by all.

We are also really proud of how well behaved the children were on our visit to Smart Trees, so well behaved that Santa have us each a present and let us ride in his special trailer!

Class 2

The class 2 children have made wind chimes in the forest. They have also been writing some wonderful weather poems.

Class 3

Class 3 have been learning about Scotland in geography. They spent time researching The Highlands and then wrote their own leaflets.

We have also just finished our science week and conducted lots of experiments and learned lots about forces and magnets.

Class 4

Class Four have had a particularly creative term.

We finished our recent art project – oil paintings in the style of Henri Rousseau. Apologies to everyone involved with washing the jumpers (and the children) that have come home green – I promise we did wear aprons!

These pieces took a lot of time and effort but we are very pleased with the results. They will come home when they eventually dry!

In the last two weeks of term, we turned our thoughts to design technology. The topic seasonal food leant itself perfectly to the designing, making and boxing of Christmas truffles. We hope that some made it home to be shared – no promises though!


Class 5

This term, Class 5 have really been immersing themselves into the Ancient Greek civilisation and how it has influenced our lives today. We have compared the city states of Sparta and Athens and argued which we would have preferred to have been born into. Constantly, we have been surprised by how many of our words originated from Greek as well as our alphabet. Greek mathematicians seem to have discovered an awful lot about mathematics such as prime numbers. There have been many opportunities to experience first-hand democracy including voting for our school council representatives. In art and design we have learnt about ancient Greek pottery and copied their patterns and designs; we have also studied their architecture and begun to recognise its influence on architecture in Blockley and beyond. In design and technology, we have made and painted our own pots and then designed and made bespoke packaging. Finally, we have written and published our own Heracles-inspired Greek myths!


Pupils in years 4 and 5 went to Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre in the Royal Forest of Dean on the annual residential in November.  They had a brilliant time and took part in crate stacking, wall climbing, team games, night walk, tunneling, low ropes, and archery.

School Council

Classes have voted for their new school council reps this year.

Class 1 Phinn and Summer

Class 2 Annabel and Rafe

Class 3 Martha and Harry

Class 4 Cora and Lottie

Class 5 Alana and Toby

They will be organising a fundraising event in the next term to raise money for outdoor seating for welly changing at playtimes.  Other exciting suggestions and events to come in the New Year.


Thanks to FOS for all their support this year.  You have all done amazingly fundraising in such challenging circumstances.  Many events could not run without the support of FOS.  Thank you.


Pupils were able to learn about the importance of Remembrance Day with a river of poppies.  They also had the opportunity to represent the school at the church service.

Christmas Service

Each class enjoyed a tailored session at church where the Bible story of the birth of Jesus was retold in a thoughtful and reflective way.

Covid update

We continually monitor the national and local picture with respect to Covid and follow the national and local advice accordingly.  Staff and governors keep our risk assessment and management plan under review. We are pleased to say that pupils off with Covid number less than 3%.


We have been issued with the following guidance:

School attendance is mandatory for all pupils of compulsory school age. The shielding programme has now ended and people who were previously considered clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) are no longer advised to shield. Continued absence on the basis of previous shielding guidance should be marked as unauthorised, unless there is written confirmation from an individual’s health professional advising of a requirement for additional precautions.


We are pleased to inform you that we have two new governors on our governing board.  Mr D Graham joins the board elected unopposed as a parent governor.  Ms M Swain joins the board as a foundation governor, appointed by the Diocese.  Thanks to both for giving up their time to support the school in this important strategic role.

Remote Learning

All pupils in school have an Office 365 Teams account and will have received their log in.  If a pupil has to self-isolate at home due to government guidance, work will be uploaded onto Teams by Monday morning for that week.  Use your log in to access this work.  Please contact the school office if you encounter any difficulty with this.


We are excited to announce that we will be launching a school Twitter account.  This will be a way of ensuring the school community is fully involved in school life which is especially hard during this time of Covid.  We plan to upload photos and news so that all can see what is happening in school but understand that some parents may not want the image of their child shared in this way.  Further details and permission regarding this will be sent out in due course.

Car Park

St George’s Hall car park is not part of the school and therefore school has no jurisdiction over it’s use.  However, we do want all to remain safe while dropping off and picking up your children.  Can we therefore remind all drivers to drive sensibly when in the village and entering/exiting the car park.  Equally please ensure all children are safely escorted across the car park to help prevent an accident from occurring.  Many thanks.

Food in School

Please can we remind everyone not to send your child to school with nuts or nut bars in their snack/lunch bag.  This is to keep those with allergies safe.  Many thanks for your help.

End of term

A reminder that school finishes earlier on Friday 17th and there is no After School Care.  Please can all pupils in classes 1 and 2 be collected at 2pm.  Pupils in classes 3, 4 and 5 need to be collected at 2.10pm.

HAF/HAP Programme

Gloucestershire County Council continue to run the HAF and HAP programme.  Detail of this are below.  Some of these activities are open to Free School Meal pupils only, others are open to all.  They ask that all participants keep up to date with the latest Government Covid guidance and follow it accordingly. 

There is just one more week for families to book their HAF/HAP activities. For more information and to book, they can visit

Emergency Closure

Should the school need to close for any reason (including snow, flood etc) this will be listed on the Gloucestershire Closed Schools website.  We will also endeavor to send out a ParentPay message and place the information on the school website.

Term 3

We are looking forward to welcoming all pupils back to school on Wednesday 5th January (4th is an INSET day for staff only).  At the time of writing we are expecting school to function as it has since September, at the start of term 3.  The school gates will open at 8.40am for pupils to enter and close at 8.50am.  All pupils can enter in either gate.  If government guidance alters relating to attendance at school, you will be informed via a ParentPay message. 

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Blockley School Staff

Term 1 2021 News Bulletin

Dear parents/carers,

What an amazing term we have had. It seems to have flown by and now we find ourselves at half term. Thank you for all the lovely warm welcome conversations I have had with you at drop off and pick up. I feel as if I am now starting to put names to faces and connect up different family members. The staff have made me feel very welcome and we are working together as a team moving the school forward in this new phase. I want to thank the staff for their incredible hard work and dedication this term, whatever I have asked them to do they have done willingly for the good of your children and the school community as a whole. It has been a very busy term but with a lot of learning and laughter. I hope you have a wonderful half term break and we all come back ready for the next term and the lead up to Christmas.

Partnership update – We had a very positive first review meeting with the Governors of Temple Guiting earlier this week. We all feel that it has been a positive partnership so far and we are looking forward to working together more closely as schools now that I have become a little more established in my role as Executive Headteacher at both schools. It has been a steep learning curve and I have so much more to learn but we all feel this is a positive step forward. If you have any questions or comments please do contact the Chair of Governors or myself and we will endeavor to answer your queries.

Covid Update

We have been able to carry out and plan for many larger gatherings and whole school assemblies this term, with the lower infection rates at the start of term and the easing of government restrictions.  We have planned for similar events next term, however we are aware of the national and local picture, in relation to rising Covid cases, so will keep these events under review and follow the national and local authority advice at the time.  We will review our Covid risk assessment after half term, once new school guidance is issued.

Class 1

Class 1 have been super busy learning about the seaside and how it has changed over time. We have also spent a lot of time getting to know each other and exploring the classroom. It has been lovely spending time with the reception children this term in the morning and getting to know all their interests as well as their personalities, which they have plenty of! Next term we are looking forward to performing our Nativity for KS1 parents, work has already begun on songs and costumes!

Class 2

Class 2 have been working really hard, this term, to use their sketching skills to draw St George’s Hall. These drawings took two sessions and positive feedback from their peers to complete.

Class 3

Class three have been exploring how Britain changed from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. 
We went right back to the beginning to when Britain was attached to Europe and learnt about when the Ice Age melted and man came to Britain. We looked at the different stone tools and weapons that were used as well as creating our own paint and making cave like paintings using sticks! 
We also really enjoyed a Stone Age to Iron Age workshop. This Prehistoric workshop was be led by an Archaeologist who helped take us back through time.

The day started with an interactive look at a time line of early human events where we acted out notable events from the development of Humans.

We then learnt about the development of tools and the materials used by early Humans. We then went on a hunt and learnt about some of the animals you may encounter in the Stone Age World.

The middle of the day was spent by the children conducting their own archaeological dig and recording their findings.

Then we looked at the early settlers and places in the world humans have chosen to live. We had a brilliant day and learnt lots of new things as well as consolidated our own learning! 

Class 4


Class 5

Class 5 pupils participated in an internet safety morning with Leah Davis Schoolbeat Officer – Cotswolds Gloucestershire Constabulary as part of our Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE).  The lesson was created by the Constabulary in consultation with Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning (GHLL). The resources are aimed at children and young people to help them learn about the risks they may encounter whilst using the internet and other interactive technology.

Class 5 had a wonderful Forest School afternoon. Following a treasure hunt, they created Andy Goldsworthy-inspired nature collages to represent the creation of the Earth. This was linked to our Religious Education topic investigating whether the Biblical and Scientific explanations of the creation of Earth conflict or complement one another.

In the upper key stage history club, we have been discovering the history of our school and even found a parquet floor under the carpet in Class 5!

Forest School

We have a wonderful Forest School area within our school grounds and we are making the most of this resource with all classes participating in Forest School. 


The whole school was able to be inspired through the book ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers at the start of term.  Thought provoking images and words about kindness, the world and how we can all live together caring for the planet and each other.  Great metaphors for life in our school community, particularly as we join back together after time in our Covid classroom bubbles.  It has been wonderful to see the pupils engaging with each other across age groups, with older children setting a good example to the younger members of the school.

We are keen for all our pupils to be able to catch up appropriately and fill any learning gaps that have occurred due to their time away from school created by Covid lock downs.   One of the biggest areas to help your child progress in school is by encouraging their reading.   Please take time to read daily with your child and discuss what they are reading.  It is fantastic if you can talk about books you have read with your children to develop their love of reading.

If you do have some time to spare we would welcome extra volunteer readers in school during the afternoon.  You will have to complete various safeguarding checks, including providing references and undertake a DBS check.  Please contact school if you are interested in volunteering.


With the removal of class bubbles it has been lovely to be able to allow mixed clubs to happen again.  Pupils are enjoying the creating fabulous art work, playing games and becoming historians, finding out many interesting facts about the history of Blockley School.  Alongside this pupils are playing football, hockey and netball.

Sport outside school

We have been able to take a group of children to Mickleton Primary School to play interschool netball.  Lovely to mix with a wider group of children and experience another setting.  Brilliant team spirit and supportive playing.  Well done Blockley!

Prayer Space

Revd Cannon Dana Delap, along with Mrs Todd the youth worker, led a quiet time of reflection and contemplation in the Jubilee Centre for all pupils this term.  Pupils were able to participate in practical, thought provoking various activities.  They thought about hope through tying ribbons onto trees, used clay to represent those they were grateful for as well as sharing their concerns and things that they were thankful for. 


Thank you to all classes for their participation in our Harvest Festival and contributions to the food bank.  Lovely to have parents/carers joining in with this celebration and remembering how amazing our world is to provide such a fantastic array of produce for us to enjoy and the need to share that with all.









Food Bank Friday

We are continuing to support the North Cotswold Food Bank with regular collections.  The next collection is at school pick up on 4th November and school drop off on 5th November.  If you have any additional items, or items that you forgot to send for Harvest then please bring them to school on the Thursday or Friday.  This will continue on the first Friday of every month.  Thanks to FOS for transporting the items to the food bank.


School will hold a remembrance time in school where we can help pupils understand the need for peace in our world and for those that have stood up for our county.  In addition, we support the church remembrance service at Blockley Church and will be asking for pupils to represent the school by laying crosses at the memorial during the Remembrance Day Service.

Parents Evening

We have been able to return to face to face parents evening this year, with some restrictions.  We are hoping that all parents will be able to meet with their child’s teacher as we aim for a strong home/school communication as this really helps us know your children and for you to be aware how to support their learning at home.  Thank you for your support in this area.

Car Park

We are mindful that there is the potential for injury to occur in the car park with so many cars and people around.  We therefore ask for your continued vigilance when dropping off and collecting your children.


We had to be flexible with uniform last year as we were aware that clothing was harder to obtain for children during lock down and there was a need for extra warm layers with the high levels of ventilation needed in school.  While we continue to keep the classrooms well ventilated they can be warmer and shopping for new items is now possible.  We are therefore requiring all pupils to come to school in appropriate Blockley School uniform.  While not altering our school colours or uniform we have provided further clarity in our uniform requirements (on the school website).  Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you have difficulty in providing the correct uniform.  We will be insisting on the correct school uniform going forward as we want all pupils to be proud of being a part of Blockley School, be ready to learn and be on a level with their peers.

PE Kit – a note from Mrs Barry

The PE kit at Blockley is Navy shorts/tracksuit trousers – with no logos or patterns. A navy hoodie or sweatshirt again with no logos or patterns or the royal blue fleece jumper available from My Clothing or Wreal sports.  I realise the PE kit was a little more flexible during Covid last year but PE is a core subject and the children need to be properly kitted out to help them treat PE as a learning session as well as brilliant fun. KS1 staff Mr Jones provides excellent teaching and we want the children to be fully participating in the lessons in the correct kit. The correct kit needs to be worn from straight after half term, if this is an issue please contact me on


We are looking forward to year groups 4 and 5 going to Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre in November.  Pupils will be participating in various activities including camp fire, night hike, archery, introduction to bush craft, climbing wall, crate stack, low ropes, navigation and tunnels.  They will have the sole use of the old vicarage building.


Reception, year 1 and year 2 pupils are busy learning songs and words ready for their nativity performance this Christmas.  There production will be The Big Little Nativity and will take place in St George’s Hall on Tuesday 7th December 1.30pm and Wednesday 8th December 6pm.  Tickets will be issued for each performance to ensure that everyone can be seated safely (2 tickets, per family, per performance).  A letter will be sent out with further details nearer the time.


We have a long-standing booking with The Theatre at Chipping Norton to watch Rapunzel.  The whole school will visit the pantomime on 10th December during the school day.  A letter will be sent out nearer the time with more details.

Smart Trees

Class 1 and 2 are looking forward to a visit to Smart Trees to soak up the Christmas atmosphere on 14th December.  A letter will be sent out nearer the time with more details.

Christmas Activities

As we move nearer to Christmas we are hoping to continue with many of our traditional Christmas activities including a Christmas film and perhaps a visit from Father Christmas!

We hope you all have a restful and happy half term.

Blockley School Staff



Term 6 2021 News Bulletin

Dear Parents and Carers

I wanted to let you all know that being involved in your children’s education over the past 5 years at Blockley Primary has been an enormous pleasure and a real privilege. They are all a wonderful group of children which I’m sure you are all very proud. I have thoroughly enjoyed leading the school along with the Governing Body and working with the children and staff on a daily basis. There are many things that I will miss including the children’s bright beaming smiles as they enter the school every day, their funny stories they tell you and the varied and unusual questions they ask. You will all remain with me as fond memories. I would also like to thank everyone for their kind words of appreciation, the lovely cards and your wonderful gifts.

During the past 18 months of Covid-19 restrictions the children have all shown us how adaptable and resilient they were to abrupt and continuous changes. These skills will support their lifelong learning development both now and into the future. The lack of normal continuous face to face schooling has undoubtedly caused issues for children both academically and socially. Originally the assumption from Government and the DfE was that when children returned to school last September they would ‘catch-up’ within this academic year but as the year progressed it became increasingly obvious that the children would actually need a lot more than one disrupted year and so all schools are in a recovery period which will last throughout the coming academic year, 2021-22.

Protocols inside school will still include regular hand washing by all staff, children and visitors, well ventilated classrooms, offices and hall, along with enhanced cleaning of touch surfaces on a twice daily basis. These measures are remaining in place to try and reduce the spread of infections in the autumn when children return to school. These DfE guidelines are due to be updated on the 16th August 2021 and if there are any changes then we will inform all parents and carers prior to re-opening on 6th September.

The school Governors have worked tirelessly to ensure that the school has the best leadership possible and this has been achieved by having an interim executive head in place ready for September. Mrs Barry from Temple Guiting Primary school will be the executive headteacher. Mrs Barry has been a colleague of mine within the North Cotswolds Headteachers cluster for the past four years and I can assure everyone that she does come very highly recommended and I am certain that she will be a huge asset to the school which will go from strength to strength in the future.

I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe and enjoyable summer break where you all can relax, rest and spend time with family and friends once again.

With kindest regards

Mr Pudifoot



Term 6

With restrictions easing this term we have been able to participate in many enrichment activities which has been enjoyed by staff and pupils alike! 

Class 1

Following on from their stay and play sessions afterschool, and with so many birthday party opportunities missed in the past 18 months, the pupils in Class 1 were able to enjoy a special treat on Monday with a Class 1 party complete with bouncy castle! 

Class 2

Linked to their seaside topic with a wealth of cross curricula opportunities, Class 2 were able to visit the Cotswold Water Park.  Armed with buckets and spades they created fantastic sand structures and enjoyed a cool off in the water.

Back in class they incorporated their knowledge of the day to create seaside pictures with a variety of materials, including paint, sand and glue.

Class 3

Class 3 had a wonderful day at Greystones Farm, Bourton on the Water earlier this month.   The children learnt how the history of this site stretches back 6,000 years to the Neolithic period and has strong links to the Iron Age.  The children took part in activities which helped them gain a better understanding as to how Iron Age settlers would have lived on this site and how they relied on nature in order to survive.  The children imagined they needed to make repairs to the walls of the roundhouse by making a section of a wattle and daub fence, getting very muddy in the process! They ground grain using a saddle stone and a quern stone to make flour, using some of this to make bread cakes which were cooked over an open fire. Class 3 were able to practise their bush-craft skills at creating a spark using a flint and steel in order to start a fire.  The children played games to help them understand the benefits of farming animals as opposed to needing to hunt them and how this enabled Iron Age people to create settlements.  A fun day was had by all and the children were complemented by Ros, our activity leader on their good manners and behaviour.  Well done and thank you Class 3!

Class 4

World War One had been studied by Class 4 last term so they started off the term with a visit to The Soldiers of Gloucester museum.  They were privileged to have the venue to themselves and enjoyed an interactive session and a trail through the galleries.  They gained deeper understanding of the time through handling real objects from the First World War, learning about ‘joining up’, going to War, being a soldier on the frontline, and how the lives of those left behind at home were affected.  They spent time in the Regimental Boardroom – a very atmospheric space, previously used as Regimental Headquarters.

Class 5

With Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust, at Mary Arden’s Farm, Class 5 had Shakespeare brought to life through an all-day workshop that explored the major themes of Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, in a fun and interactive way. They worked as an ensemble and in small groups to devise and perform scenes from the play and stage an abridged performance using original text, movement and music.  Understanding of the text was gained in a fun and inspiring way.

Following this workshop, the year 6 pupils were able to put their skills to the test during their leaver’s assembly.

Year 6 Leavers

Despite the COVID restrictions the year 6 pupils were able to enjoy a variety of end of primary school events to remember.

Leavers Service

This year the leavers were able to share in a year 6 service from Gloucestershire Cathedral with many other primary schools in an online version.  They were part of the event as prayers were written and submitted beforehand. 

Adventure Day

Class 5 were able to enjoy a day of adventure at Far Peaks.  The day comprised of a circus of activities: climbing walls, bouldering, low ropes and indoor caving all led by Far Peaks instructors.  The pupils all excelled by challenging themselves, learning new skills and confidence in their ability.

Blockley Church

Year 6 pupils had the opportunity to think about moving on in a fun and interactive way with games in the churchyard, a time to talk about the future and information to reflect on afterwards.

Leavers Lunch

The weather was kind for our leavers lunch when the year 6 pupils chose the menu and had a school takeaway al fresco!

Leavers Assembly

On an equally fine day, the leavers performed their assembly outside to a restricted group of parents, remaining in permitted numbers.  A memorable occasion when they received end of leaver mementoes and were able to obtain messages from staff and pupils to remember Blockley School by.

Camp In

In a fantastically decorated hall, thanks to FOS, year 6 pupils had a night to remember.  Games on the field, pizza, ice cream van, an early morning walk and a cooked breakfast.  A wonderful end to a different year!

Blockley Church

All pupils were able to visit church for an end of year service in their class bubbles this week.  The Revd Canon Dana Delap took each class through the parable of The Lost Sheep.  Class 5 were able to demonstrate their signing of The Lord’s Prayer.

Gloucestershire Young Photographer Competition

A total of 804 children entered from 15 Primary and 17 Secondary schools so competition was again fierce this year.  Four children from the school entered the competition of which three were successful in having their photographs selected for display: Lilie – ‘Sweet Magnolia’; Thea – ‘A Passage Through Time’ and Perdy – ‘New Beginnings’.  Well done to you all.  Thanks also go to Seb for entering his photograph, ‘Busy Bee’.   Selected entries from both primary and secondary schools can be viewed on Cheltenham Camera Club’s website

Sports Day

It was wonderful to be able to bring all the pupils together on the field (in their class bubble groups) to have a day of sporting fun.  The weather held (nearly) and there was a fantastic atmosphere to the day with all pupils supporting each other to achieve their best.

Sporting achievements

Two of our pupils, Harry and Christo were involved in tennis tournaments this summer.  They took part in the Gloucestershire 8U Summer National League representing Moreton Aces, with the team winning the tournament and Christo winning all of his matches.  Well done!

Mr Jones would love to hear about your sporting achievements outside of school, so please email the details through for celebration in September as well as throughout the year.

Lunchtime Busy Bee Boxes

Thank you to FOS for providing the break/lunch time busy bee boxes.  The Busy Bee boxes were kindly organised and funded by FOS following a request from the SENDCO. They have created some very exciting activities for children to use during break/lunch times if they prefer doing something quieter. The boxes are filled with fantastic things including: masks and Harry Potter glasses, board games, quizzes, colouring activities, Top Trumps, brain teasers, etc.  They have been a great success and the pupils love them!


Thank you to all those who volunteer with FOS to support our school.  Despite the restrictions they have continued to fundraise and support events in school.  Your work is appreciated. 

Peripatetic Music

If restrictions allow we are looking forward to welcoming our peripatetic music teachers back into school in the new academic year.  We currently are able to give pupils the opportunity to learn the violin, woodwind instruments and brass instruments, if there is enough interest from pupils.  These lessons are organised directly with the peripatetic music teacher as a private arrangement and are charged for accordingly.  If your child is interested in playing an instrument, please get in touch with the school office and we can put you in touch with the appropriate teacher. 

Volunteers in School

We are also hoping to be able to welcome volunteers back into school.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact the school office with your availability and what you would be willing to help with.  Please be aware that all volunteers in school are subject to the appropriate safeguarding checks and identity verification.


We have a school uniform based on the school colours of Royal blue and white.  Details of our uniform can be found on the school website

Through necessity, during and following lock down, when items were harder to purchase, we have overlooked some clothing which doesn’t fit in with our school uniform.  However, in September we expect all pupils to attend school in appropriate school uniform.  This is all listed on our website and available through our suppliers.  Please ensure that your child comes to school dressed smartly and ready to LEARN – Lead, Encourage, Aspire, Respect and Nurture.


We wish Mr Pudifoot well in his retirement, Ms Davies all the best as she moves onto pastures new and thank them for their time at Blockley School.

We also wish our year 6 leavers all the best at their secondary schools.

Term Dates

We currently have an INSET day booked for November, please be aware that this may be subject to change.  This will be confirmed in September.

September 2021

Once Government guidance is updated we will be in touch to inform parents of the drop off and collection arrangements for September. 

We look forward to welcoming all pupils back into school 6th September 2021 rested and ready!

Have a wonderful summer.

Blockley School Staff


Term 5 2021 News Bulletin

We are looking forward to the prospect of a slightly sunnier week and the chance to enjoy some time relaxing with the opportunity to meet with family and friends once again.  We have enjoyed having the pupils in school for the whole of the term enabling some really interesting topic based, cross curricula learning to take place.  Our value of service has been clearly demonstrated by a number of our pupils this term with some being awarded Merit Certificates in school for their noticeable service to others.  As indicated by the recent communication in partnership with Gloucestershire County Council, schools are required to maintain their bubble system and COVID safety measures so pupils will return after half term with the same practices in place, staggered start/end times and classes separated.

We will welcome pupils back into school on 7th June.

Class 1

Class 1 have had a very busy term learning all about Space. We loved learning about Mae .C. Jemison and even sent her a tweet to ask about her time in Space.

We have also been very busy learning about Plants and Growing, this term we had 5 caterpillars to look after, 3 of them turned into beautiful Red Painted Butterflies and when we released them they flew straight into the flower bush to watch our P.E.

We would like to thank the parents of Blockley for all the donations of toys and clothes we have received, we very much appreciate it.




Class 2

Class 2 pupils and staff have been busy growing their sunflower seeds, with some thriving more than others which is providing a valuable learning opportunity.  Growth has been measured and the conditions needed for our plant’s survival discussed.  Well done for all your efforts and we can’t wait to see the flowers, however tall they are.

Pupils have been busy designing a fruit/vegetable salad which they are going to try and recreate over the holiday.  We hope they are tasty and we are looking forward to hearing about the finished product.

Class 3

We have been studying electricity this term with the opportunity to create our own circuits, considering what conducts electricity and how a switch works.

The human body has been another topic, looking at our body parts, how we function and what we need to survive.  We have been able to use our bodies to good effect through our PE sessions when we have been learning to play Rounders.

Class 4

Class Four have had a busy and productive term. Our history topic of World War One has been an emotional rollercoaster with the children exploring a range of sources including photographs, video footage and letters from the front line.

We have furthered our knowledge of the topic through the story War Horse and are looking forward to a visit to a local war museum in the new term.

This term the children in Class Four also took part in the KNex challenge. Our winners were Noelia and Mali (both Y4 pupils). The girls are looking forward to creating a piece of work to be judged in the regional finals next term.

Class 5

Class 5 – as ever – has been very busy and engaged with a breadth of learning. Much of this term’s learning has centered around the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the African American Civil Rights Movement. As part of our learning, we have discovered that not only was Bristol very involved in the trade triangle but its influence was as close as Bourton-on-the-Hill and Lower Slaughter with connections to plantations on Caribbean islands.

Class 5 are very proud of two of its members: Imogen and Solomon, who, following their success earlier in the year in the Primary Mathematics Challenge, recently entered the UK Junior Mathematical Challenge. This challenge was open to pupils up to Year 9. Those attaining a very high score have been invited to enter the ultimate challenge competition. We wish both mathematical wizards the best of luck in June!

Gloucestershire Young Photographer Competition

Thank you to Sebastian, Lilie, Thea and Perdy for representing the school in this year’s Gloucestershire Young Photographer Competition.  The Winning entries, and any other photographs selected by the judges, will be shown at a Virtual Awards Ceremony, on Friday, 18th June. Good luck to you all!

NSPCC – Number Day

The whole school had a wonderful curriculum enrichment day on Friday 7th June raising money for the NSPCC by participating in their Number Day. We all dressed up in our number-themed outfits and enjoyed many fun practical maths activities linked with Raymond Briggs wonderful Jim and the Beanstalk.

Thank you for your donations.  We were really pleased that we were able to donate £199.66.

School Photographs

If you wish to order leavers or class photographs please do not forget to place your order with the photographers.

Walk to School Week

The car park was quieter during our Walk to School Week, so it was very evident that pupils were making a big effort to walk to school, even if they did not live locally.  Thank you for your support. 


Year 6 pupils are able to participate in Bikeability training sessions after the holiday.  This gives them the opportunity to learn to be safe on the road and navigate hazards appropriately. 

Day Visits

We are looking forward to being able to take the pupils on educational day visits next term as the restrictions have lifted for these events.  We will keep you informed regarding the places that each class hopes to visit.

COVID 19 – Contact tracing

As during previous holidays, we are being asked to ‘contact trace’ for Covid-19 cases. Therefore, if your child develops symptoms of Covid-19 while in school or afterschool on Friday, Saturday, Sunday then please follow the government guidance, self-isolate, book a Covid-19 PCR test and inform Mr Pudifoot via  Once the result is received please let the school know.  This will ensure that the school can assist in identifying close contacts and advising self-isolation, as the individual may have been infectious whilst in school.

Where symptoms occurred more than 2 days since the person was last in school, this does not need to be reported to school.  Where this is the case, staff, students, parents and carers should follow contact tracing instructions provided by NHS Test and Trace.

Have a wonderful week and we will see you on Monday 7th June.

Blockley School Staff

Term 4 2021 News Bulletin

We have loved welcoming the pupils back into school this term and really loved seeing them being able to enjoy normal interaction with their friends and peers, with our COVID19 protocols in place to ensure that bubbles do not mix.  They have been keen to build on the learning that they completed at home during lock down and we have been able to assess all pupils to establish the areas where learning needs to be concentrated.  Pupils have worked hard and are a credit to their families.  Thank you for your support.

A special moment was shared during the last day when we were able to hold our traditional Easter Bonnet Parade in a COVID secure manner.  Pupils and staff located themselves around the playground and field, socially distanced in their bubble groups, and were able to watch as Class 1 and Class 2 paraded around the school building, showing off their creations.  Quite an experience for some of our younger members who haven’t had the regular experience of whole school assemblies in the hall.  We all clapped their work and there were some very proud and smiling faces.  A lovely way to bring the school community together, physically rather than virtually at the end of the term.

Class 1

Class 1 have had a very busy term learning all about Easter and the origins of it. They had a fantastic Zoom session with Reverend Dana where she told the Easter Story to the children and linked it to the Hungry Caterpillar, she then very kindly answered questions the children had about Christianity. 

This term we have been very fortunate to have toys donated to us from parents across the school and we are very grateful to each of you for doing this. 

The Easter bonnets were amazing. Thank you to all the parents for all your support this term.

Class 2

Class 2 have been creating these wonderful pictures based on Van Gogh’s Starry Night. They used oil pastels to create all of the lines and swirls and painted over that with water-colour paints. This art work is linked in with their geography work, which was based on the human features of a village.

Pupils have taken home sunflower seeds and will be growing these over the Easter break.  The plants will then form part of their maths and science work as they measure how tall they have become and the reasons for the different sizes.


Class 3

Pupils have been busy designing their own healthy pizza. They have been learning about the different food groups and what a balanced diet is in science and they have drawn upon this knowledge in the design of their pizzas for their DT work.  Due to the current restrictions, they are unable to make and cook the pizzas in school so are planning to try and make them at home using a variety of bases.  We hope you enjoy eating them!


Class 4

Class 4 children have been enjoying learning about France this term, thinking specifically about human and physical features, climate zones and the similarities and differences between France and England.

To support this learning, we spent time looking at the artwork of some influential French artists including Georges Seurat and Berthe Morisot. We had a go at recreating some pointillism and impasto pieces of art.

The children in Class 4 also took part in a French themed day on the last day of term, sampling French cuisine and dressing up. 

Class 5

Class 5 have been working hard improving their maths and literacy skills ready for the transition to secondary school.  Reading Pig Heart Boy has inspired their learning about the heart and they have all had the opportunity to handle and investigate pig hearts and sheep hearts and lungs, which was a really informative and interesting learning opportunity.  They have been able to link this to healthy living, learning how our organs may be affected by the way we treat our bodies and what we consume. 

Faith in Art Competition

These are the Blockley School competition entries for the Faith in Art competition run by the Diocese. The children created the artwork linked to their RE topics. They have been sent off to join entries from other schools from around the County. We look forward to seeing how our pupils get on. Entries for this competition have now closed.  Well done everyone.


All classes were able to enjoy a visit to the church this week, Dana Delap was able to link the Easter story to life cycle of the bee and pupils had the opportunity to think of all the life that lives inside the church, that may not be immediately obvious.  This was a special time to allow the pupils to extend their learning space to the church and enjoy learning in a different environment while remaining COVID secure.  Members of the public had been very busy supporting the school and church by knitting bees for each of the children.  Some are still to be made and quarantined but no-one will be missed out!  Thank you very much to all the knitters out there from the children at Blockley School.  Please take time to read the Growing Together article from the Diocese for more bee inspired ideas and information. Growing Together


Easter Competition

During the discussion with Dana and on Teams Collective Worship on Monday, we were able to launch our Easter Bee Competition.  Pupils are asked to create an image of a bee, in any medium, or capture a live bee in a photograph and send it to by 8.30am 19th April 2021.  Please see the attached poster for more information.  We look forward to seeing the bees! Easter Competition.

Gloucestershire Photographer

If your skills lie with photography then the Easter holiday, with the brighter days, is an ideal time to take some high-quality pictures.  Cheltenham Camera Club are running the Gloucestershire Young Photographer Competition again this year.  This year however, all entries need to be submitted online.  If children wish to enter they need to hand their entries in by Monday, 17th May to Ms Davies.  These can be emailed to or brought into school to scan.  Please ensure that all entries are marked as stated in the rules and it is clear that the image is for this competition.  Ms Davies will then upload them to the website.  Please read the rules carefully. Please see the Rules and Glos Young Photographer Posters


If your children develop COVID 19 symptoms on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday this week please follow the Government advice, book a PCR test and inform school via  Once the result is received please let the school know.  This will ensure that the school can assist in identifying close contacts and advising self-isolation, as the individual may have been infectious whilst in school.

Where symptoms occurred more than 2 days since the person was last in school, this does not need to be reported to school.  Where this is the case, staff, students, parents and carers should follow contact tracing instructions provided by NHS Test and Trace.

We wish you all a Happy Easter break and look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on Monday 19th April.  The same class bubble system and staggered start and end times will remain when we return.

With all good wishes

Blockley School Staff


Term 3 2021 News Bulletin

Dear Parents and Carers

It is now the end of term 3 and the majority of our children have not been able to return to school since before the Christmas holidays. I wanted to take this opportunity to say how grateful we are for all the support and help that you have given your children once again in this latest lockdown.

At school we are all very proud of the way that your children have adapted to our new style of online remote learning. They have risen to this challenge, coped remarkably well and learnt new IT skills which will benefit them into the future.

We are aware that this lockdown is in many ways harder and more complex than the first. With this in mind we have tried to support children with their engagement in learning through providing an increasing number of live lessons. This has allowed your children to see, hear and interact directly with their class teacher(s) alongside their friends and peers.

To benefit all learners, those that are remote and those in school, we have tried to establish a range of learning opportunities to suite everyone. Lessons are being developed and adapted daily, based on the children’s ability to comprehend and progress forward whilst allowing for them to have the chance to embed and consolidate their new learning through ‘over learning’ and ‘interleaving’.

All schools will be fully closed during the coming February half term holiday. This will be a good opportunity for families to have a well-deserved rest. If the weather stays fair then going out for a walk in the countryside and showing children the beautiful carpets of snow drops would be a valuable exercise.

We all hope that schools will return to normal soon and families can go about their daily work and business with greater ease and flexibility. Maintaining routines at home will help add a level of structure which children normally will settle into, especially if you are able to keep it consistent.

Stay safe everyone, at least the days are noticeably longer now and the signs of spring are becoming more evident.

Mr Pudifoot

Head Teacher

Save the Children

While Christmas now seems a long time ago we wanted to share with you the success of Christmas jumper day when we raised £122.19 for Save the Children.  Thank you for your support.

Term Dates

The term dates for 2020-2021 can be found on the school website.  We are all hopeful for normal holiday patterns to be able to resume next year so please avoid booking holidays during term time to ensure no more valuable learning time is lost.

Update Details

If you move house, change telephone numbers or wish to update your contact information, please ensure that you keep your record at school up to date.  This applies whether your child is learning at home or at school.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Our mental health is as important as our physical health both for children and adults.  As you will be aware last week it was mental health week when the topic was highlighted.  But we need to try and keep our minds healthy at all times.

Place2be offers advice and support to children and families:

Young Minds have created a useful ‘Supporting Parents Helpfinder’. By answering six questions, parents can find out how to support their child’s mental health during the pandemic (and beyond):

Young Minds have also created a useful poster highlighting ways to give support to children when they have angry feelings or outbursts and may help families start a conversation and talk about each other’s feelings.

Adults are in the best place to support their children when they are well themselves.  It is important to ask for help when you need it.  The government have put together information to support adults with their mental health throughout this pandemic:

Family Support

Please do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it.  Our Parent Support Advisor (Mrs Baker) is available to signpost you to support.  Her details can be found on the website under family support and she can be contacted via


The menu for term 4 remains the same as term 3.  We return to school on week 1.  The menu can be found on our school website.

For benefits based free school meal children vouchers will be issued for after half term.

If you are looking for good ideas for lock down lunches at home then the NHS Change for Life website contains lots of inspiration:

Friends of the School

With the need to put reading books in quarantine since the start of the pandemic, school have been running short of books in certain bands of books.  Thanks to FOS school are going to be able to purchase additional books to ensure that every child can have access to an appropriate reading book.

Warm Clothes

If your child is coming into school, please ensure that they dress up warmly, appropriate for the weather outside.  To keep everyone safe we maintain high levels of ventilation in school so it is important that your child wears plenty of warm clothes during these winter months.  Winter boots, extra layers, a woolly hat, fingerless gloves and a small blanket are all permitted.


Anita Taylor has now finished her term of office and is no longer a governor.  We thank her for all of her work on the Governing Board and for supporting the school in many other ways through volunteering especially with Open the Book.  We hope to continue to see her in school in the future.  We welcome Helen Cawston to our Governing Board.  Her term of office began on 1st February 2021 and runs for 4 years.  We look forward to working with her and using the expertise that she will bring to the board.

Learning at school and home

Class 1

Class 1 have been working incredibly hard and we are very proud of all the effort put in at home and in school. They have spent a lot of time learning about the outdoors and creating fun activities and memories with their families on walks. They have looked for birds, made wind chimes and dens, fed the wildlife and most importantly made precious lockdown memories with their family and friends (in school). 

Class 2

Class 2 have been learning about Creation and a wonderful display of their work has been created in school.  Thank you to the home learners for sending the work in.

Class 3

Class 3 have been imagining themselves as the Roman Army General, Julius Caesar and critiquing the Britannia invasion in 55BCE through letter writing.  Well done for your hard work and getting into character.

Alongside their history work they have been busy reading The Iron Man as their class reading book.

Class 4 Poems

This term the children in Class 4 have been learning about space both through their science lessons and in English through the class novel ‘Cosmic’.

Engagement has been wonderful from pupils both in school and those learning remotely. Thank you to parents for supporting their children.

Here is a selection of their work:

Class 5

Pupils in class 5 are engaging with the important issues facing society today through their geography work relating to climate change with cross-circular work looking at food miles, carbon dioxide release and extreme weather patterns.  Texts in English have encouraged pupils to consider the use of coal and the consequences of plastic disposal. 

They are absorbed in their current text of Pig Heart Boy, learning all about the heart alongside their enjoyment of the story.

Following their poetry unit of work based on Alfred Noyes atmospheric narrative poem, The Highwayman, they wrote their own stanza’s to fill in gaps within the storyline, letters posing as Tim the Ostler (to inform the Red Coats of the highwayman’s whereabouts) and used negative art to create ghostly atmospheric images. At the end of the unit of work, they had a Teams Rodents and Robbers meeting dressing up as either a rodent, a highwayman or both, as well as bingo, a snack and a reading of Julia Donaldson’s poem, The Highway Rat, which is a spoof of the classic.  

We wish you a restful and healthy week and look forward to ‘seeing’ everyone in school or online on 22nd February, when schoolwork resumes.

Blockley School Staff

Term 2 2020 News Bulletin

Lead        Encourage      Aspire      Respect      Nurture

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for your help to make this term a successful one and to keep COVID-19 away as much as possible.  We are very grateful for your support in what has been a difficult year for all.  We have loved having all of the pupils back in school and have been able to provide a calm learning environment with high pupil engagement, a reflection of the efforts at home to support your child’s learning and wellbeing throughout this period, despite the challenges we have all faced. 

Within school we are enjoying the build up to Christmas, trying to continue with our traditional Christmas activities in a COVID-19 friendly manner.  As normal, the pupils are maintaining their academic learning as during this year more than ever, we all appreciate how precious the time in school is and how important it is for the future of our children.

Throughout terms 1 and 2 we have been engaging all of our pupils in a Covid safe, broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum. When the children first returned in September we conducted a baseline assessment to allow all staff to plan learning from the children’s start points as many of them we had not seen for several months. Recently we have conducted further summative assessments to see where we need to drive pupils next term in relation to their progress across the term. I am pleased to inform you that all the children have worked really hard throughout the autumn terms and are making good progress.

With the analysis of the information that we now have we are in the process of putting together some ‘catch-up’ work for those who need it. This work will begin during term 3 and will continue up until the end of the academic year. For some children, in some year groups, this work will be conducted during the normal school day but for others this may also represent some additional learning at school outside of the normal hours of the school day. Further information will be issued, relating to ‘catch-up’, at the start of next term.

I would certainly encourage all parents and carers to continue with the practice of listening to your child read at home. Reading is the most important skill that children need to learn in primary school, as without this necessary skill they will struggle to access the curriculum independently. We are continuing to run our reading for pleasure afternoons, on a fortnightly basis, which the children thoroughly love. Encouraging your children to pick up a book and read at home, on a regular basis, will significantly improve their ability to read fluently and gain a greater understanding of the vocabulary used in context. When listening to your children read it is also important to engage with the text by asking questions at appropriate moments to gauge their understanding. As their knowledge of vocabulary increases so to will their interest in the books they are reading.

Outside Activity and Learning

Ventilation within school has been maintained at a high level as part of our COVID-19 safety measures.  Pupils spend time outside as much as possible, whatever the weather, and this is having a positive effect on pupil’s physical health and mental wellbeing.  Pupils are more alert in class so the extra layers are worth it!

Having a class PE day has ensured that time (or clothing) is not lost changing and great fun has been had on the field in all weathers.  Class PE day will continue into term 3, with pupils coming to school in their PE kit.

We are extremely grateful to FOS who have supported the repair of our outside forest shelter.  The rotten decking boards have been replaced, when it was discovered that further work was also needed on the base structure.  This has been carried out and the roof made watertight and extended.  The work was delayed due to a shortage of supplies but all is now finished and able to be used by the pupils, providing a valuable outside learning space and shelter during break times.

Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Thank you to everyone who supported Down Syndrome Awareness Day and sent their child into school in non-school uniform.  A fantastic £245.49 was raised on the day and will be sent to the following two charities: Wouldn’t Change a Thing and Cotswold Downs Syndrome Group.

Governing Board

The Governing Board of the school has continued with their normal meeting schedule alongside additional meetings relating to the pandemic.  As in many other areas of life, these meetings have moved online.  We are very grateful to our group of governors who support the school in a voluntary capacity.  Details of our Governing Board can be found on the school website.

Remembrance Day 

Remembrance Day fell during lock down so plans were tailored to fit in with the latest guidelines.   All classes participated in a thought-provoking online assembly led by the Revd Dana Delap.  They had chance to remember and reflect on those that have fought and lost their lives for our freedom and had a moment of silence.  Class 1 discussed this topic at length and created a tuff tray poppy to help them remember the key phrase.

Class 2 visited the war memorial later in the term for a sketching session.  Class members were also able to share information, photos and memorabilia from family members who had served in the armed forces.


Collective worship

We continue with our online collective worship and assemblies.  These are delivered by Mr Pudifoot, staff members or Revd Dana Delap.  Collective worship has been focused on the value of Trust this term.  Pupils have looked at different Bible stories that relate to Trust.  This week we have looked at Mary and Joseph with the theme of ‘waiting’ also threaded in to the worship session.  We have discovered how Hezekial trusted God, another week we heard about David and Goliath.  Our value next term, after Christmas, will be perseverance.  As we continue to cope with the challenges brought by this pandemic, perseverance in life, whatever challenges may come our way, is an important skill for the pupils to learn which will help them on their academic journey.  We look forward to the Biblical stories that we can share that demonstrate this.

Christingle Services

We are a Church of England school and therefore enjoy strong links to our local church in Blockley, St Peter’s and St Paul’s.  We have been able to share with you details of the Living Advent Calendar that the Church are running.  A new window in the village will be illuminated on each day of advent and stay illuminated in the evening until 6th January.  We have strong links with the church and are normally able to visit the church for class group interactive, teaching sessions with members of the church community, alongside school worship for festivals such as Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas.  This year we are really pleased that we will be able to visit the church for separate class bubble Christingle services.  Children will visit the church on Tuesday or Wednesday next week (15th, 16th December 2020), in their individual class bubbles.  Each class has a time slot and will be joined by a socially distanced Revd Dana Delap to lead the Christingle Service.  Currently protocol means that each child will not receive a Christingle but they will have a class Christingle and instructions can be found online to make these at home and explain their meaning.

Save the Children

Save the Children have a yearly Christmas Jumper day which we always support as a school.  This year is no different in that respect!  Pupils and staff are encouraged to come to school in their Christmas Jumper – homemade additions to a normal jumper are fine with a suggested donation of £1 to be dropped into the collecting buckets at the entrance gates on the day (Wednesday 16th December).  We look forward to seeing a vast array of jumpers and fully entering into the Christmas spirit.  Christmas jumpers need to be worn on top of normal school uniform (PE kit for Class 4).

Christmas Lunch

On Christmas Jumper day we will also be enjoying our Christmas lunch.  Normally this would involve the whole school, pupils and staff sitting down to eat a Christmas meal together with much help from FOS.  However, we will have to run things differently this year to ensure pupils remain in their class bubbles.  Nevertheless, the pupils and the adults in their bubbles will sit down together in a decorated hall with their own cracker (suitably quarantined beforehand).  Thank you to FOS for the crackers and decorations.   Unless you have already contacted school to state that your child wishes to have a jacket potato, vegetarian or bring a packed lunch, then all pupils will have a Christmas turkey meal with chocolate brownie.

Father Christmas

Father Christmas is operating this year under COVID-19 rules and will still be able to make a visit to school on the afternoon of 16th December.  He will fly in and take a walk around the outside of the building so that he will be able to say hello to each class bubble through their open exterior door.  He may even be able to deliver a sack of previously quarantined presents!

Class 1 have been writing Christmas letters to Father Christmas and were able to take a walk to the post box to deliver them this week.

Class parties

Each class is planning their own class bubble party, complete with party food. Pupils can wear party clothes to school, if they wish, instead of school uniform.  However please ensure that these are still warm and suitable for outside play and activities on the school field. 

Class 1   Friday 18th           Wear warm party clothes to school (break times on the school field)

Class 2   Friday 18th          Wear warm party clothes to school

Class 3   Thursday 17th     Wear warm party clothes to school (suited to the outdoors)

Class 4   Thursday 17th     Wear warm party clothes to school

Class 5   Thursday 17th     Wear warm party clothes to school

Christmas Film

As part of the festivities each class will also have the opportunity to watch a Christmas film in their class group during the final week.  A sweet treat will be on offer during the film.  Class 5 are looking forward to watching ‘A Christmas Carol’ as they are reading this book in class.

Nativity and Carol Service

The nativity is a much-anticipated event of the year and a key milestone in the development of KS1 and Reception pupils as it allows the children a chance to perform in front of an audience, which provides the opportunity to develop their speaking, listening and acting skills.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to put on a performance which Blockley has become known for, however, Class 1 and Class 2 have been very busy practising and performing within their class bubble.  Class 1 completed a nativity and Class 2 sang carols.  These events were recorded for Class 1 and Class 2 parents.  We are really proud of how well all the children learned their lines and words and have performed them, despite some nerves! 


Please can all children come to school in their PE clothes on their normal PE day next week (with the exception of Class 5 who have their party on Thursday).  Class 4 can bring an additional sweatshirt into school if they wish to change out of their Christmas Jumper for PE.

Class 5 wear warm party clothes on Thursday 17th.


This Christmas we are pleased to be able to support our local food bank. We have been informed that Christmas specific items would be appreciated – sweets, chocolates, cake, mince pies, puddings. A collection box will be located on the steps of St George’s Hall on Friday 18th December. Items will need to be left by 9.30am.

Gingerbread Trail

FOS, with the help of the community, have created a Festive Gingerbread Trail and Prize Draw which runs from 12th December until 2nd January 2020.  Further details can be found on the FOS page of the school website.  It is a fantastic activity to be able to do with the children over the festive period.




End of Term

Term finishes on Friday 18th December. 

Classes 1 and 2 – School ends at 2pm – please collect your children promptly.

Classes 3, 4 and 5 – School ends at 2.10pm – please collect your children promptly.

There is no After School Care on Friday 18th December.


If your child test’s positive for COVID-19 over the Christmas period please forward your child’s test result to stating when they started to show symptoms.   

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and hope you manage to have an enjoyable break.  We look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on Tuesday 5th January.  Class bubbles entrance gates, staggered start and end times will remain the same.

With festive good wishes

Blockley School Staff

Term 1 2020 News Bulletin

Lead                     Encourage           Aspire                  Respect                Nurture

Thank you for all of your support over this first term.  We have all had to adapt to a number of changes in our lives, and cope with various challenges. We are extremely grateful that your children are arriving at school on time and are ready to learn.  The pupils have settled in well and demonstrate children’s adaptability by adjusting to new routines and procedures; indeed, these are now second nature.  We are all benefiting from the fresh air – spending time outside is a real positive in such a beautiful location.  Even the fresh air in the classrooms is keeping us more alert: staff and pupils alike!


Once again, at the beginning of the school year, it is a joy to welcome a new reception group into the school.  We are all very proud of how quickly and confidently they have settled into our Blockley School community. Additionally, we have welcomed a number of pupils into other year groups and they have also made themselves part of our family very quickly.


Pupils are enjoying learning with their peers once again; collaborative learning broadens children’s thinking as they encounter others’ ideas and different approaches  As per the Government guidelines, pupils’ desks are in rows, but unlike their Victorian counterparts, they are benefiting from the wealth of electronic images and practical resources that enhance many lessons. It is wonderful to be able to offer the full breadth of the curriculum now pupils are back in school and to hear the happy, busy buzz of growing brains!


Although in a slightly different format , we are continuing with our school assemblies either on the field or using Teams(similar to Zoom).  On Mondays, the focus has been on the term’s value: thankfulness. We certainly have a great deal to be thankful for and we recognise that expressing gratitude develops positive mindsets. On Fridays we have continued with Merit Assembly celebrating achievements from all classes and enjoying applauding those who we cannot mix with directly. On Monday 19th October, we celebrated how difference enriches our lives. The breadth and diversity of humans is truly wonderful. Each of us is unique and something special to offer the world. This encompasses those who are disabled including those with Down’s Syndrome. On Friday, we raised money for two Down’s Syndrome charities by wearing bright clothes – Wouldn’t Change a Thing and the Cotswold Down’s Syndrome Group. It certainly made us all feel sunny despite the miserable weather. A very big thank you to the Peach family for organising this event which included guess how many or the weight of the jar of sweets.

Next term, our value will be ‘Trust’; to be a trustworthy person is a quality that we want to encourage all of our community to aspire to.

Harvest Festival

Thanks to dry weather, we were able to hold our Harvest Festival this year in a socially distanced manner by staying in our classroom bubbles on the school field.  With a PA system, Revd Dana Delap lead our harvest assembly; these occasions take on an even greater significance at the moment when being together can no longer be taken for granted. Following the theme of the assembly, we had bulbs kindly donated to the school and pupils have been able to plant these on the school field.  We look forward to a colourful display during spring.

Remembrance Service

We are looking forward to Revd Dana Delap leading our Remembrance Service on Wednesday 11th November hopefully on the school field.  

Outside Classroom

The outside decking area in the forest school area has now been repaired.  We had to wait for the decking boards to be delivered as stock replenishment and supply had been delayed due to lock down.  These finally arrived and have been fitted to the repaired base.  With concrete base posts under the structure, the longevity of the structure has been extended.  It remains for the roofing felt to be fitted to finish the structure and provide a valuable outside learning space.  Many thanks to all who have provided financial support through FOS to enable this work to be completed.  The contractors are due to come into school to finish the structure during the first week of Term 2 – weather and supplies permitting.

PE clothing – Wreal Sports

With the requirement for pupils to come in their PE kit one day a week, and the need for warm clothing as the weather gets colder, we have managed to link with a local supplier for a warmer PE kit.  If your child needs new PE items then please visit their website:

You can also order items through their shop at Bourton-on-the-Water.

Warm Clothing

In line with Government guidelines, school remains well ventilated.  It is therefore important that your child attends school in their school uniform with additional thermal layers underneath as suggested in previous communications. If possible, coats should be saved for out of doors times rather than being an ‘indoor layer’. This is even more important on wet days when coats need to dry off during lesson times.


We welcome two new members of staff to our team, Mrs Walker and Mrs Farrell, who are both providing support in school for part of the week.  We also say a fond farewell to Mrs Etheridge who has been a wonderful support across the school during 2020.


Mrs Hilary Thornburgh, our previous Chair of Governors, has finished her time as a Governor.  She remains a Member of the Academy (members are the custodians of the governance of the trust) and we thank her for many hours of service and support to the school, as well as the ongoing support she continues to provide.

Mrs Christine Moor has been elected by the Governors as our Chair of Governors for 2020-2021.  Mr Mark Chappell has been elected as our Vice-Chair of Governors.  The members have also appointed a new Governor to the board, Mr Roger Morris.  We thank all of those involved in the Governance of our school, a voluntary role.

Parents Evening

Thank you for working with us to ensure our first virtual staff/parent meetings have been able to take place.  We have managed to meet parents via Zoom or speak on the phone.  These times are a valuable opportunity to update you on how your child is settling back into school; their behaviours for learning; behaviour in general and learning and progress. Communicating takes on an even greater importance at the moment and we appreciate it when you inform us of any situations that might impact upon your child. Please do speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any concerns.

Dinner Menu – Term 2

Our school dinner menu for Term 2 will remain the same, we will start back on Week 1 using the current menu. 

No Nuts in School

To protect children in school with allergies, please do not send your children to school with any nuts or nut products for lunch or snack time.  Healthy snacks can be provided for break time, Reception and Key Stage 1 children have the opportunity to have a free piece of fruit/vegetable in school as part of the government scheme.


The FOS quiz went well on Friday 16th October and the winners were members of the wider community.  Better luck next time to parents and staff! FOS are holding the online Spooky Disco on the last evening of Term 1.  All the proceeds are going towards the outside classroom area.  Thank you, once again FOS for the support you give to the school. A big thank you to FOS is also needed for organising the creation of some wonderful Christmas cards designs in school which have now been sent home along with the details for ordering.


Thank you for following the government guidelines with reference to any COVID-19 symptoms your child may show.  The guidance is listed below:

On the school website you can find the Gloucestershire county council risk assessment policy that we have adopted and personalised.

Collection and Drop Off

We work very hard to ensure that your children are as safe as possible at school, following the latest government guidelines.  Please help ensure that we keep everyone safe by following the guidelines when dropping off and collecting your children: maintain social distancing (2 metres or more) and do not gather in groups larger than 6.  If you are able to move away from the area as soon as  possible, we will keep the risk level as low as we can. Thank you.

We hope you all enjoy the break, well-earned for children and staff!  We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Tuesday November 3rd (Monday is an INSET day for staff).

Term 6 2020 News Bulletin

Dear Parents/Carers,

The staff at Blockley School would like to express our thanks to all parents and carers for the support that you have given to your children and the school during this lock down period.  It has been a difficult and challenging period for many reasons and we really appreciate all that you have done during this time. 

Once again, the bulletin cannot list all of the school news as many of the great activities that the pupils are engaging in are taking place at home but we have welcomed hearing about these through the class emails.

We are really looking forward to welcoming all the pupils back into school in September and helping everyone settle into school life once again.


Children in the KWVE bubble took part in a BBC Ten Pieces: Connecting the dots, singing workshop on Tuesday, 7th July. Jess Gillingwater, a member of BBC Singers, explained to the children why she is an ‘alto’ singer.  The children were then guided through fun warm up activities before singing a simple song.  Jess then sang a range of songs in different languages demonstrating the full range of her voice.  One of the children commented; ‘her voice is amazing, I want to sing like that!’


Class One have had a fantastic term with lots of activities going on. The children have made paddling pools out of trays, created chalk paint, made a variety of boats to float on the water along with lots of daily outside fun. This term we have used the Forest area to explore our senses and to search for magical creatures. To celebrate the end of term the children have had a party where we played games and danced along to our favourite songs all in their party clothes. 

Year 6 Leavers

We have said a sad goodbye to our Year 6 group of pupils.  Despite the restrictions in place they managed to have Year 6 leavers photographs offsite and outside, with social distancing and a group Year 6 montage photo.  Leavers hoodies have been worn in school this week and t-shirts signed by all the staff with appropriate protocols followed.  They were able to choose their own menu for a leavers meal in school and have a leaving presentation.  Unfortunately, we could not invite parents to a leavers assembly but we have been able to create a leavers film that they could watch.

New Reception Pupils

We are looking forward to welcoming our new reception pupils to school in September.  Miss Overton-Short was able to meet with each child and parent over Zoom so that the staff could get to know the pupils before they enter school.  Normal taster days have not been able to take place but, in small groups, we have been able to welcome each child with a parent/carer to the school site to visit the outside area, meet the teacher and have a practice at hand washing in our outside sinks! They were then able to head onto the field to draw some wonderful pictures and get to know each other a bit before they start in September. 


As many of you are aware FOS have been busy during this period and are continuing to help school.  Currently they are fundraising to repair and refurbish the outside classroom area between the forest and playground.  This space will be a valuable resource in the next academic year as the virus is less easily spread outside.  We are grateful for all of your support during this economically challenging time.

Free School Meals

If you think that you may be eligible to apply for Free School Meals due to your financial circumstances please visit the Gloucestershire County Council Free School Meal Portal to register Registering will provide free meals at school and enable your child to be supported financially in school.

Pupils starting in Year 3

Unless you are registered for FSM, pupils moving from Year 2 to Year 3 will now need to pay for their school meals as they will no longer be eligible for Universal Free School Meals.  Meals will be logged onto Parentpay the week after they have been eaten the food and money owed accordingly but we ask that you pay in advance for your meals by placing money onto ParentPay.


Please ensure that all balances are cleared on ParentPay.  Meals eaten this week will be put onto ParentPay by the end of the week so log on next week to see the final balance.  We ask that ParentPay accounts are kept in credit at all times to ensure that school funds are not diverted to ParentPay.


If your child needs new uniform prior to September please order this early.  Our suppliers are My Clothing and Brigade

Like most other businesses, the COVID/Lockdown situation is having an effect on their lead times.  My Clothing state on their website that orders will be delivered in 14 working days.  For Brigade their current cut-off date for orders to be delivered before the new term (Sep 2020) is 7th Aug 2020.

September Snacks in School

We have been informed that the Government free fruit and vegetable scheme will start again in September for EYFS and KS1 pupils.  All pupils are welcome to bring a healthy snack into school to eat during break time.

Before and After School Care

Following current guidelines, we anticipate that these will run in September.  We will be asking parents/carers to book in advance so that appropriate plans can be made for the sessions.  If you wish to use these facilities in the first three days of the term please email the school office to book your child/ren in. 

Class Email

As we are now entering the summer holidays, and then all pupils are due to return to school in September, the class emails will become dormant.  In September please email queries to and they will be forwarded to the appropriate member of staff.


Our Governors have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that all Government guidelines and practices are followed.  We thank Hilary Thornburgh for leading the Governors for the past few years, for her time and commitment to the school.  She is due to step down from the role in September and we will inform you of the new Chair of Governors at the start of the new academic year.  Thank you, Hilary, for all that you have done.

Thank you again for all your support during this challenging time and we wish you all a happy and relaxing summer.   Blockley School Staff

Term 3 2020 News Bulletin

Lead Encourage Aspire Respect Nurture

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for your support this week during our Ofsted visit.  A report on the school will follow and we will send this out as soon as we are able to.  Apologies for the inconvenience of postponing parents/carers evening but the teaching staff look forward to meeting with you on 2nd/3rd March 2020.

Staff Training

While teachers in school teach all subjects to the pupils, individual teachers have specific responsibilities for subject areas and have an overview of this subject across the whole school.  This term subject lead teachers have been able to attend training related to their subject to help enhance the way they can co-ordinate their curriculum area.

The mental health of our pupils and staff is very important to us.  We want all of our pupils to reach their full potential and to be happy while at school.  Staff have completed training in the area of mental health so that they can support the pupils and each other to ensure that we all remain healthy and in a good place mentally.

Staff have also received annual update training on asthma, anaphylaxis and epilepsy.

Sharing Assembly

We have enjoyed wonderful sharing assemblies this term.  These are a real opportunity for the pupils to be able to showcase their work and gain confidence speaking in front of an audience.  This illustrates the broad curriculum that the pupils experience gaining incremental knowledge and skills throughout their Blockley Learning Journey.

Wildlife Project

We have linked with the church this term in setting up a wildlife project in the churchyard.  Initially this has involved siting bird boxes, bug houses and hedgehog boxes.  The pupils will be involved in monitoring the wildlife and ensuring the boxes remain habitable. 

Bishops Visitor

We enjoyed welcoming the Bishops Visitor to school and showing what has been happening in the school since she last visited.  She enjoyed watching an Open the Book assembly and speaking to pupils about their time in school.  She was pleased to be able to go into the classrooms and see the pupils at work from designing and constructing hedgehog refuges to investigating homophones.

Governors in School

We held our Governor in School week this term.  This is an opportunity for Governors to come into school to gain a complete picture of the school how it works so that they can govern effectively. Governors visited different classrooms and lessons and enjoyed speaking with the pupils regarding their work.

We are pleased to welcome Anna Stanley to our Governing Board.  She has volunteered in the school previously so is already familiar with the staff and pupils.

Cross County

38 pupils were able to attend the cross-country event at the Fire College in Moreton-in-Marsh this year.  This was against other schools and our pupils ran very well with maximum effort.  Well done to all who took part.


We are looking forward to the Floorball final in the early part of next term.  Well done to Team A for getting this far in the competition.

Daily Mile

The Daily Mile has become an embedded part of our curriculum designed to prepare the pupils for their afternoon of learning.  The success of this event was celebrated when the Daily Mile representative visited school and was impressed with the way this has been implemented within the school and the positive impact it has had on learning.

Dogs Trust

The pupils were able to learn more about keeping themselves safe around dogs and being a responsible dog owner during a whole school assembly this week.  No real dogs in sight but a full-sized soft toy Labrador was present for the assembly!


We have just received another box of maths resources that were on back order which completes the purchases made by FOS donations.  These are really aiding the pupils with their understanding of mathematical concepts and form a vital part of our teaching materials.  Thank you again.

Please continue to support FOS by attending the cake sale on Friday after school.

Big Pancake Day

We are looking forward to supporting the Church Urban Fund by having a Big Pancake Party!  During the afternoon of 25th February 2020, on Shrove Tuesday, pupils will be participating in various activities followed by a pancake treat.  Money donated will help reach more families experiencing food poverty through hundreds of projects, supported by the Church Urban Fund, that are working to tackle hunger in Britain. Your donation will help those struggling to put food on the table.

American Museum Visit

On Thursday 27th February we shall be welcoming a member of the American Museum of Bath’s outreach team into Class 5. There will be a range of activities relating to their topic of The Americas focusing on Native Americans.  They are looking forward to furthering their understanding in this interactive way.

Parents/Carers Evening

These will now be held on 2nd and 3rd March.  The time slots previously arranged will remain the same.  If you now have difficulty with the time arranged please speak to the office.

School Nurse Visit

Each year in England, school children in Reception and Year 6 have their height and weight checked at school as part of the National Child Measurement Programme.  This is due to take place by trained NHS staff on Thursday March 5th 2020.  At the same time the reception pupils have their vision checked to ensure that any problems can be picked up early in their school life.

World Book Day

We will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 5th March.   Please help your child to dress up as a character from a book.  As it is a literacy celebration no film/TV characters please – unless the book came first!

Safety in the Car Park

We all want the pupils to be kept safe.  It is therefore vital that we all drive safely when arriving, leaving and parking at school.  Please drive very slowly near the school and in the car park to ensure that accidents do not happen.  All pedestrians need to use the paths were possible and keep your children close by. Thank you.


A reminder that we will start back on week 1 of the current menu.

Packed Lunches and Break Time Snacks

We have a number of pupils in school with nut and seed allergies.  To keep the children safe we ask that nut and seed products are not brought into school.  Please no peanut butter, nutty chocolate spread, nut/seed bars or any other products containing seeds/nuts.  All of the school lunches are nut and seed free.  Thank you for your understanding.

Term 3 and 4

Term 3 ends on Friday 14th February at 3.05pm/3.10pm.  Term 4 begins on 24th February.

We look forward to seeing you all again at the start of term 4 refreshed and ready to LEARN.

Blockley School Staff

Events for your Diary

all-day End Term 3
End Term 3
Feb 18 all-day
Last day of term 3 for pupils and staff.
all-day Start Term 4
Start Term 4
Feb 28 all-day
Term 4 begins for pupils and staff.
all-day End Term 4
End Term 4
Apr 7 all-day
Term 4 ends for pupils.
all-day INSET day
Apr 8 all-day
INSET day for staff.
all-day Start Term 5
Start Term 5
Apr 25 all-day
Term 5 begins for pupils and staff.
all-day End Term 5
End Term 5
May 27 all-day
Term 5 ends for pupils and staff.
Children, if you don't feel safe call Childline 08001111 or click 'online SOS' below for more information.