Term 1 2018 News Bulletin

A huge thank you for the messages of get well for Mr Pudifoot.  He is very grateful for all of your kind words.  We look forward to welcoming him back to school in due course.

We have enjoyed a fun and interesting term with a variety of activities having taken place.  The new reception children have settled in really well and it is lovely to welcome new families to Blockley School.  As well as the younger pupils we have also been able to welcome pupils into our school in older year groups and they are quickly making new friends and feeling part of our community.

Thank you for your attendance at parents/carers evening this month.  It is a valuable opportunity for teachers to share information so that you can support your child’s learning at home.

We hope the children enjoy a well-earned break and we look forward to the beginning of the new school term on the 29th October.

Blockley School Golden Rules

  • We are gentle
  • We are kind and helpful
  • We listen
  • We are honest
  • We work hard
  • We look after property

As mentioned in the previous bulletin we all expect high standards of behaviour from the pupils in school and ask everyone to respect our Golden Rules. 

The pupils are enjoying our whole school Golden Time on a Friday afternoon.  Pupils are participating in a range of fun activities as a reward for their good behaviour.  Activities include dancing, outside games, construction, drawing, mosaics, origami, yoga and painting.

For excellent lunch hall behaviour pupils have a chance to sit on the Golden Table once a week.  This is gold in colour and pupils can request a ‘friend’ to join them.  Sharon Miles (Class 1 teaching assistant) was specially chosen this week and had the honour of eating her cooked lunch as a Golden Table guest.


Well done to all the year 6 pupils who demonstrated their cycling skills to the road safety instructors around Blockley.  Their bikes were checked to ensure that they were road worthy before the pupils’ competence was assessed.  Those that chose to take part in the training passed with flying colours.

Harvest Service

Thank you for supporting our harvest service this year at Blockley church and for the donations of food to the food bank.  This resource is a vital support for many in our community who struggle to make ends meet.  All classes led a section of the service, Class 1 sang Cauliflowers Fluffy, Class 2 showed their art work, Class 3 shared their poetry, Class 4 did a harvest dance and Class 5 shared harvest maths.

Poetry Day

The whole school participated in National Poetry Day on 4th October.  Pupils and staff were able to share their poetic talents and the result of the pupils’ hard work is on display around the school.  Class 5 have written poetry that links in with their geographical work on volcanoes and tectonic plates.

Inspiring Literacy

Drama and dance were used to inspire pupils’ literacy work.  A professional actor led workshops for each class.  The younger children were able to study The Gingerbread Man while older classes looked at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  This was particularly appropriate for Class 4 as it is their current theme.

Cross County

The school has a long history of inspiring and producing cross country runners.  Our annual house cross country event took place on a fine day in October where all children, regardless of their ability, took part in a cross country run around the school site.  A fantastic level of effort was on display alongside a competitive spirit.  For the older year groups this event was the qualifying session for the inter-school cross county event at Chipping Campden School.  Four qualifying races were run, year 3/4 boys, year 3/4 girls, year 5/6 boys and year 5/6 girls with the top 10 pupils being invited to run at Chipping Campden School.

The race at Chipping Campden was a little muddier, as it followed a few days of rain, but pupils came back to school having enjoyed the morning and all ran well.  We came a proud third, so well done team!

Race For Life

Thank you for all the efforts gathering sponsorship for our Race for Life event to raise money for Cancer Research.  We are sorry that the event could not be held as originally planned, with family and friend participation, but despite our best efforts to rearrange the day the weather was against us.  However Mr Jones arranged a fantastic work out for the pupils throughout the morning with everyone completing their 15 minutes.  Well done for all the money raised.  All money raised needs to be back into school by 29th October 2018.

Class 4 Educational Visit

Class 4 have a chocolate related topic this term, looking at the history, culture and literacy related to this.  They paid a visit to Cadbury World where they learnt how the Mayan people lived and their relationship to chocolate. They were taught about the ancient city of Chichen Itza and discovered the Mayan myths and legends about human creation.  There was a definite smell of chocolate as they walked back into school and hopefully some was shared at home!


As part of the 100 year anniversary of WWI all pupils in school are making a poppy for remembrance.  A variety of methods are being used to create these, linking in with curriculum work. Class 5 have been using chromatography to create their poppies, Class 1 used hand prints to formulate theirs and other craft ideas have been used throughout the school.  These poppies will then be in church and pupils will have chance to see them in situ on 9th November.

RAF banners

Blockley Church is hosting a display of RAF banners in church and the pupils have been invited down to the church to view these and then discuss the topic in their classes.

FOS Disco

The last day of term can be celebrated by the children by attending the disco run by the Friends of the School.  This is a great way to support the school by raising well needed funds and having fun at the same time. 


Our current reading books for KS2 have been in school for a significant length of time and are in need of updating.  We are very grateful to the Friends of the School for supporting the purchase of a whole new reading plan for the older children.  Teaching staff are very excited about the new range of books that will be on offer and we hope that they will inspire reading and literacy for the pupils.

Parent Helpers

Reading forms an important part of your child’s education and we encourage children to read at home either with parents/carers or independently, as much as possible.  We also want to give pupils the opportunity to read to adults in school.  We would welcome volunteer adults to come into school to hear pupils read.  Any time you can give on a regular basis would be gratefully received.  All volunteers in school have to undergo appropriate safeguarding checks but once this paperwork is complete you will be able to start.


As we renew the books and storage for these we have been looking at the provision for pupil bags and coats.  It is easy for these to be knocked onto the floor with the current cloakroom situation.  We are therefore researching locker provision within school to ensure pupil belongings can be stored neatly and safely.  Watch this space!


Unfortunately we do get outbreaks of headlice within school.  Please be vigilant and check your child’s hair regularly and treat as necessary according to the NHS guidelines.  To reduce the risk of headlice passing from head to head we do ask that all long hair is tied up while in school.  Thank you.


We have a team of dedicated Governors.  New to the Governing Body this year are Mr Sampson, Mrs Riberzani and Mrs Davies.


Staff have been able to update their skills this term with more training due next term.

During the INSET day all staff were able to be inspired with a Maths Workshop that they attended along with teaching staff from other schools.

As Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs White has completed her refresher safeguarding training and Mrs Furniss has attended a KS2 Science event.

Operation Christmas Child

If you are participating in our Christmas Shoebox Appeal, filling a shoe box with appropriate gifts, then please return these to school by 5th November 2018.

Knex Challenge

Class 4 are having a Knex Challenge workshop in school on 6th November.   Those who come up with the best designs will have the opportunity to go on to participate in a competition against other schools.

Driving and parking

Please be always mindful of pedestrians when driving and parking your car.  The car park does become very busy during pick up and drop off times but nobody wants an accident to occur so please take care. 

Open Morning and New Parents Evening

Our Open Morning for all parents/carers of prospective new pupils will take place on 7th November 2018 from 10.30am until 12 noon.  This will be followed by an Open Evening on 13th November at 6.30pm for all who are interested in reception children places for 2019.

Flu Immunisation Programme – NHS

This will take place in school on 12th November.

Menu change and packed lunch

Please be aware that we have a new menu for Term 2 that is on the website and will be sent out via ParentPay.  We often have pupils in school that are allergic to nuts.  We therefore ask that all packed lunches do not contain nuts to ensure the safety of all pupils.  Many thanks for your help with this.


We will all be asked to wear spots to raise money for Children in Need on Friday 16th November.  More details to follow.


Pupils and staff are looking forward to our residential visits to Viney Hill which are due to take place from 21st-23rd November for Year 4 and 28th – 30th November for Year 5 pupils.


Reception and KS1 will deliver their annual nativity to parents on the afternoon of 11th December and the evening of 12th December.  Tickets will be limited per family but more details regarding this will be sent out nearer the time. 

Looking ahead to Christmas events

The children will be treated to a cinema experience on Monday 17th December.

Father Christmas will pay a visit on the 18th December.

The whole school will watch the pantomime ‘Aladdin’ on 19th December – thank you to FOS for funding this.

Classes will have Christmas parties. 

The kitchen (and FOS helpers) will treat the staff and pupils to our Christmas Lunch on 20th December.

Welcome 2018 News Bulletin

Welcome to a new academic year and a particular welcome to our new reception pupils and those that have started with us further up the school.  We also welcome Mrs Furniss, as our Class five teacher, and Miss Hutt, teaching assistant.  We are all looking forward to an exciting year of new opportunities and traditional Blockley Events.   We are pleased to see all pupils in school with a positive and open outlook to learning following the summer break.  Thank you for your support to ensure your children are coming to school ready to learn.  Thankfulness is our value of the term.  We will be looking at this through our whole school assemblies and asking pupils to focus on not taking things for granted but being thankful and how we can all show our gratitude to others.

We will be showing our gratitude to pupils in school for their good behaviour though our new Golden Time initiative, as explained in more detail below.  In addition to Golden Time activities, Mr Jones commences the year as our ‘Sports Champion’ so he has a range of exciting events planned along with daily activities for all ages and abilities.  We start 2018 with a great deal to be thankful for.

Please find below new information and reminders.


We keep parents/carers informed about events that have happened in school and celebrate successes through our school bulletin.  For those that are new to our school, there are 7 bulletins issued a year.  This one, at the start of the year, followed by one at the end of each term.  These are placed on the school website and an email sent via ParentPay with the relevant link enclosed.  Please keep an eye out for these publications.  Dates of events happening within school are also placed upon our school website with letters regarding these events sent out via ParentPay nearer to the event.


As communications are sent out to parents/carers via ParentPay please could you ensure that your email address is kept up to date with ParentPay.  If you have any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact the school office.  Please remember to keep your account in credit or pay for items immediately. 

School Meals

Pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible for Universal Free School Meals.  From Year 3 pupils are required to pay £2.30 per meal.  Please be aware if your child has moved into Year 3 that you will need to log onto ParentPay and pay for school meals.  We ask that all parents keep their children’s school dinner accounts in credit so that school funds do not have to be redirected to fund lunches. 

Drop-Off Club

Our Drop-Off Club is available for all pupils.  Pupils can be dropped off at the main entrance from 8am onwards.  We ask that pupils are given breakfast before they arrive and they then have the opportunity to participate in crafts and fun activities until they are taken into the playground at 8.40am to be with their peers.  Please pay the £2.50 via ParentPay and book via the sign in sheet in the main foyer.

After School Care

We have After-School Care available for all pupils to stay in school after the end of the school day.  This is split into two sessions, the first until 4.15pm and the second until 5.30pm (or after a school club).  Pupils can stay for one or both sessions.  The Care is located in Class 1, where the pupils can engage in various activities and spend time outside as well as having a healthy snack. This is charged at £4 per pupil per session.  Please book via the sign in sheet located in the main foyer.  Pupils can be collected from the door to the Class 1 corridor located near the Class 4 exit door.

Car Parking

We are lucky that St George’s Hall has a spacious car park.  The school has the use of the hall throughout the school day.  On occasion the hall is booked by other users in the afternoon and the car park is used for their event.   In these instances there can be congestion at the end of the school day.  We understand that many people have to drive to get into school, including the school staff, so car parking can be an issue on these days.  Please can all parents drive slowly with extra caution in the car park and along Park Road where children are walking to and from school.

To try and make the pick up on these days run as smoothly as possible the dates are listed below.  Where possible please car share or park elsewhere in the village and walk to collect your children. 

17th September, 15th October, 19th November, 3rd December, 18th February, 18th March, 15th April, 20th May, 17th June.

Collecting Pupils

School finishes at 3.05pm for Class 1, 2 and at 3.10pm for Class 3, 4, 5.  The school gates will be open from 3pm for you to wait by your child’s classroom.  We ask that dogs are not bought onto the site but please tie them up well away from the school gates.  If you wish your child to be picked up by someone not on your data collection sheet then please let the teacher or school office know before the end of the day.  If this is someone that is not known to the class teachers then we use a password system and the relevant word can be passed onto the office staff/teacher for collection time. 

To aid Year 6 pupils with transition to secondary school we do allow them to walk home on their own if you give written permission for this to take place.


We value home school engagement and sometimes it is necessary for parents/carers to pass information onto the class teacher regarding their child.  In the first instance we have a message system in the main school entrance foyer.  There are blank message forms for you to complete and a brown message box to file them in.  The messages are collected and taken to the class teacher during the morning.  This is a useful way to let the teacher know changes to who is collecting your child for instance.

Data Collection Sheets and Paperwork

All pupils have been issued with a brown envelope at the start of term containing their data collection sheet and other information.  Please ensure all documents are signed and returned at the earliest opportunity so that we are able to contact you in an emergency.

Golden Time

Golden Time is an exciting initiative that will begin on Friday, 14th September.   It is a whole school, weekly timetabled slot of 30 minutes which rewards good behaviour and celebrates those children who have followed the Golden Rules.  The Golden Rules are displayed in each classroom and are:

  • We are gentle
  • We are kind and helpful
  • We listen
  • We are honest
  • We work hard
  • We look after property

At the beginning of the week, all children start with their full entitlement of golden time. Children who follow the golden rules all week keep their complete allowance.  Should a child choose not to follow a golden rule, they are reminded of the rule, and given a warning.  If they continue with the negative behaviour they lose increments of 10 minutes of their Golden Time.  Children can earn back any lost time by showing that they are following the rule.

The children will be able to choose from eight different activities, details of which will be given in a forthcoming assembly. The children will be asked to sign up to one activity for half a term. This time scale provides sufficient time for children to develop their interest in a particular activity, develop new skills and complete projects.  The activities on offer have been taken from the children’s suggestions and these will change every half term.   

Class 1

The new Reception children have had their initial starter days. All went very well and we are looking forward to a fun term in Class One. Class One parents are reminded to look out for our daily information board which will be outside class 1 at the end of each day.

Please wander down and have a look at the newly painted fence in our EYFS outdoor learning area. It has really brightened things up. Class One children and staff would like to send a big thank you to Dave Miles (Husband of Sharon) who has kindly built us a new table for our outside area which we intend to use as a wet area/mud kitchen.

Key Diary Dates for Class 1

Some advance notice of events happening for parents/carers of pupils in Class 1.

Class 1 Open Mornings

Monday 28th January – 9:00 – 10:00 – Literacy

Tuesday 29th January – 9:00 -10:00 – Numeracy

Information and sign-up sheets will be available nearer the time.

Information Evenings

We are holding two information evenings to inform Parent/Carers of the Maths curriculum, how Maths is taught within school, and how you can help your child at home.  Please keep the date/s free in your diary and attend if possible.

KS2 Maths Information Evening – Monday 29th October 2018 6:30pm

KS1 Maths Information Evening – Tuesday 30th October 6:30pm

After School Clubs

Our after school clubs are due to begin next week.  A letter will follow to allow you to sign your child/ren up for appropriate clubs if they are interested.  Mr Jones will also run lunchtime activities if you child is unable to participate in after school clubs.


Pupils in Key Stage 2 participate in swimming lessons offsite at Shipston-on-Stour swimming pool.  For a number of years each class has had a group of 10 lessons.  We are aware that many pupils already have swimming lessons outside of school so we have reformatted the lessons this year to ensure that those who can swim are challenged sufficiently and those who need additional support have time to strengthen their skills.  Initially Classes 3, 4, 5 will all swim for five lessons in a row with  further swimming opportunity for certain pupils being offered later in the year.  Class 5 will start lessons 19th September.  Payment will be made via ParentPay.  Class 3 will swim from 7th November and Class 4 from 16th January.

Sports Champion

Mr Jones, our Sports Champion, will be running activities before school and during lunchtimes to encourage all to engage in fun activities.

His morning timetable for Term 1 is below.  Look out for Mr Jones on the school playground between 8.40am and 8.50am.

Monster Mondays

A really fun way to start the week – fun exercises and games.

Tell me Tuesday

Mr Jones is available to talk to the children/parents/carers about their sporting achievements inside and outside of school.

Work-out Wednesday

A range of high energy activities are available around the playground for children/parents/carers to enjoy.  Follow the instruction cards to complete the activities safely.

Fitness Friday

Fun endurance and high energy activities to be done as a large group led by Mr Jones.


For half an hour during lunch time Mr Jones will be encouraging voluntary activities.  The Term 1 lunchtime plan is shown below:


Tag Games


Year 1-2 Football


Circle Games


Year 5-6 Football


Tag Rugby


Year 3 Football




Year 4 Football


Reception Ball Skills Club


Reception Ball Skills Club


Dance and Book Workshops

On Friday 5th October we are welcoming a group of professionals into school to work with all classes combining literacy with dance.  All pupils will have the opportunity to investigate a book through dance with class workshops.  Classes 1 and 2 will look at The Gingerbread Man, Classes 3 and 5 are exploring Flat Stanley and Class 4 is studying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  A fun and informative day.  Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school.

Parents Evening

Our first parents evening of the year will take place in October.  10 minute slots will be available between 3.30pm – 6.30pm on Monday 8th October and Tuesday 9th October.  Signing up letters will be issued nearer the time.


We have a range of peripatetic self-employed music teachers who offer lessons to our pupils during the school day.  Woodwind, brass and violin are currently on offer and guitar lessons should be available shortly with a new teacher.  These lessons are offered as a private arrangement between the parents/carers and the music teachers and vary in cost.  If you are interested in your child having lessons please contact the school office.

Friends of the School (FOS)

We have a dedicated group of parents who give a great deal of their time to raise funds for the school to improve your child’s learning opportunities.  Please support their events when they are advertised or join in and offer a helping hand.  They are very friendly and would love the offer of further help and fundraising ideas.  Please contact the Friends of School Chair to find out more:

Weather Station

The weather station, bought through FOS donations is now up and running.  Have a look on the school website front page to see what the weather is like at the moment.  The data collected from this machine will provide real and tangible data for the pupils to deal with and provide information for various areas of the curriculum.  So, thank you FOS!

Term 6 2018 News Bulletin

We have now reached the end of another busy and hectic academic year. Parents and children should now have received their annual reports which I’m sure you will have been pleased to read. Once again we have seen children working tremendously hard. It is wonderful seeing the children achieving their expected outcomes and equally rewarding seeing those who make substantial progress towards them.

During the summer break I’m sure there will be many opportunities to engage the children in family activities and for some a trip away somewhere nice as well. Alongside the enjoyment of play there may well be opportunities to learn at the same time such as playing board games. Making use of our local libraries and signing up for the ‘Summer Reading Challenge’ will certainly provide golden opportunities to read for pleasure. A visit to a National Trust property or a museum will certainly help to ‘feed the mind’ and help the children to recognise some of our cultural heritage.

I’m sure that many children would accept the chance to sit at a screen and play electronic games. However, striking a balance between playing on a screen and engaging in a range of other tasks would be ideal. A recent visit by PC Nick Westmacott highlighted some of the issues that the police are experiencing. They are recognising that children in Primary schools are playing games on the internet which are not age appropriate. They are also concerned that some of these games are being played with the safety settings either set to a minimum or turned off altogether. The development of the internet in recent years has been enormous. The potential for it to support learning and improve our lives is also immense. However, as parents we must be very mindful of the hidden dangers which are not obvious to children. The advice from the police is that we should always ensure that children only play age appropriate games, the computer and game settings are secured to ensure that their play is as safe as you can make it. They also advise that all parents monitor what the children are interacting with and insist that they never give any information to another person regarding their name and contact details. We all want our children to be safe and we can do so by applying some of the above mentioned suggestions.

During term 5 our Year 6 and Year 2 pupils were presented with the challenges that are placed upon them for their SATs tests. All of the children gave these tests their full attention and applied themselves to the full. Over the years these tests have become increasingly challenging and are certainly not taken lightly. I would like to say that all the children did their very best and worked extremely hard. In addition to these assessments the Year 1 pupils were tested on their ability to use and apply their knowledge of phonics as one measure of their skill at reading – well done to all the pupils for applying themselves and giving their very best.

Marvellous Music

A fantastic evening of music was held on 23rd May.  Blockley pupils did the school proud performing in front of an enthusiastic audience.  Well done to all those who look part and demonstrated their talents.  The audience were also treated to performances from local musicians giving the pupils something to aspire to.  Thank you to all those who attended.  £120 was raised for Blockley Educational Trust.  This money goes to support local young people with educational grants.

Golden Table

We have spent this term implementing some changes to our lunchtime routine as part of a whole school approach to high standards of behaviour that we expect from our pupils.  The initial target for the lunch hall was ‘We speak quietly to those around us’ with the additional target of lining up calmly ready to leave the hall.  The pupils have really taken this on board and are rewarded with golden tickets from the lunchtime supervisors.  These are then entered into a prize draw, which is drawn during Monday assembly, with the successful pupil being allowed to sit on the Golden Table to eat their lunch at dinner time.  The four chosen pupils are able to invite a friend or member of staff to join them at the Golden Table.  Mr Jones was the lucky individual chosen for the first Golden Table.  In addition to this reward each golden ticket earned by a pupil allows the class to place a ball into their ‘Jar of Good Choices’.  When the class jar is full the whole class group are rewarded with a golden time activity. 

This reward system is ensuring that the noise level in the hall is reduced, lunch time is a calmer experience and therefore more enjoyable for all.

Fly to the Line

A team from Blockley took part in a Fly to the Line competition to design, make and fly a model glider at MOD Kineton.  They had a very successful race day and gained a place in the national finals at RAF Cosford.  While not coming in the top three during the finals they represented the school fantastically.  They also spent time exploring the museum at Cosford and sitting in a glider.

Experience Church

If you were able to visit school during our Open Afternoon you may well have seen the photo display from our visit to Blockley Church for Experience Church.   After a welcome, the children split up into groups run by volunteers from the congregations at Blockley and Bourton on the Hill.  They travelled around the church to see the ’stations’ that had been set up.  These included the font as a place of welcome and commitment where a lot of water was splashed around!   At the alter pupils drew around their hands to symbolize being welcome to share together.   This work is displayed in the main foyer at school.  At the prayer tree pupils learnt about the Lord’s Prayer and wrote their own prayers if they wanted to.  By the pulpit they looked at the Bible and thought about Bible stories. The pupils talked about things that worry them as well as the natural world before making origami twirling birds that flew from the pulpit.  The beautiful stained glass windows also provided reminders for favourite Bible stories.  At the door to the church the pupils met to discuss taking our values out into the world.  The children’s responses include reflections on faith and appreciation for Experience Church.  Thank you to all the pupils and volunteers who witnessed the children’s exemplary behaviour and delightful attitude to the thought provoking work stations.

Sports Day

The weather was perfect for a great day of Sports at the Prince of Wales Stadium for our Sports Day this year.  The pupils showed how talented they are, whether in the traditional sporting sense with some fast runners and powerful jumpers or talents in the wider sense, supporting others and building house teams.   Perseverance and trying your best were demonstrated in abundance.  Well done to all those who took part and thank you to Mr Jones for organising the event.

Living Rainforest

Class 3 have had tropical rainforests as their topic.  This has been linked to many areas of the work that they are completing in class.  As part of this work they went on a visit to the Living Rainforest where the pupils were able to see many rainforest plants and experience the heat and humidity of the rainforest. 

Pirate Party

The pupils in Class 1 have enjoyed a pirate themed term.  They were able to showcase their work including their skills at preparing party food with a pirate themed celebration to which they invited their parents/carers.  The room looked spectacular and the children were really excited to be able to share their work.

They then enjoyed a trip to Birdland at Bourton-on-the-Water where they were able to see parrots and other birdlife.

Batsford Arboretum

Class 2 have studied plants as part of their work this term.  They were able to spend a day at Batsford Arboretum looking at a great variety of plant life and taking part in interactive workshops.


We were pleased to welcome the September reception children into school for two afternoons in July.  They were able to spend time as a group to familiarise themselves with the setting and teaching staff. 

All pupils have now had chance to move into the classrooms that they will be in next year.  In larger schools, with 7 or more classrooms, each year group will have an individual class but in smaller schools such as ours, with a 5 classroom situation, year groups have to be mixed.  Differentiated work is set by the teachers according to the ability of the children and their year group to ensure that all pupils reach their full potential.  We were also pleased to welcome Mrs Furniss into school again giving her further opportunity to familiarise herself with the pupils that she will be teaching next year.

Year 6 Leavers

The year 6 leavers have had the opportunity to take part in various leaving events.  They had a leaving service and picnic at the local vicarage, a year 6 party, leavers lunch and will have an assembly as a final ‘goodbye’.  Their leaving events begun with a residential at Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre in the Forest of Dean where pupils had the chance to create lasting memories of their final term at primary school and gain confidence for their move to secondary school.  Activities that they were able to participate in included raft building, bush craft, a night hike, climbing wall, camp fire and games. 

Autumn Residential 2018

The year 4 and 5 groups in November 2018 will be able to attend their own residential at Viney Hill and participate in outdoor activities.  For those who attended last year they will be able to visit again and try out different challenges.

Internet Safety Talk

Our local police constable, PC Nick, visited the school recently to talk to the children about Internet Safety.  He was also able to speak to some of the parents who attended the adult talk to explain about the current online dangers for our children.

Reading Challenge

Reading is always something that we encourage the pupils to participate in and the summer holidays are an ideal time to read with, read to or encourage independent reading.  The local library service visited school to speak to the pupils about their summer reading challenge ‘Mischief Makers’.  Visit your local library to find out more.

RAF 100 Street Party

Miss Overton-Short organised a fantastic street party to celebrate 100 years of the RAF.  Thank you to all the Grandparents that attended and made the day a special occasion with a wonderful atmosphere.  The pupils enjoyed their hot picnic thanks to the catering staff.   A special thank you also goes to the Friends of the School for supporting the event and giving up their time for the school. 


We are looking forward to welcoming the Bikeability trainers into school in September for the Year 6 pupils to learn how to ride their bikes safely on the roads.  This is a national scheme and more details can be found on the Bikeability website.


We are excited that we continue to have links to a school in Ghana.  Our pupils have been able to write letters to their contemporaries in Ghana and, in due course, hope to receive letters in reply.  Pupils in Ghana have a very different school experience in terms of resources available to them and love to hear from pupils in England.  We were also able to welcome the Bishop to our school assembly recently.

Forest School

Class 1 are continuing with their popular Forest School sessions.   Recently they have had fun using natural materials to make musical instruments and weaving pirate ship steering wheels.

Other classes have also been using the Forest Area to support their class work, looking at the natural world with quizzes and reflection time.

Sports Champion

Mr Jones will be our Sports Champion for 2018-2019.  Within this role he will be able to champion sports throughout the school, encouraging pupil involvement with activities on the playground during morning and lunch break.  He will continue to run afterschool clubs and encourage all pupils to join in with some sporting activity.  His role will include supporting Mrs White with Forest School as other pupil groups are given the opportunity to engage in Forest School activities.


Thank you for not bringing dogs onto the school site.  Could we please ask that they are tied up well away from the school gates to ensure a clear access?  Many thanks for your cooperation. 


The number of nominations equalled the number of vacancies so our two new governors were elected unopposed.  We are pleased to welcome Mr Sampson and Ms Riberzani to our Governing Body.  They will have a four year term of office and will be registered as Directors of Blockley Educational Academy. 

Saying Farewell

All the staff and governors would like to wish the Year 6 pupils the very best of luck in their secondary schools next year.  We are certain that they will all enjoy all the opportunities that are on offer and will rise to the challenges that are presented to them.

The staff and governors would like to wish Mrs Dodgson-Hatto, Mrs Pettit and Miss Williams the very best of luck in their futures; as a new Headship, as a retiree and a new teaching post respectively. I know that they are all looking forward to the changes that they are embarking upon.


I would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and enjoyable summer holiday with your children. Let us hope that the weather is pleasant for outdoor activities and that farmers and growers will receive a reprieve from the very dry weather of late.

September 2018

We are looking forward to the new term in September.  Following two INSET days for staff only we welcome pupils back to school on Wednesday 5th September.  

May we wish you all a restful summer and we hope you all have an enjoyable break.  We look forward to seeing everyone in September.

Happy Holidays.

Blockley School Staff

Term 5 2018 News Bulletin

Well done to all the year 6 pupils that have completed their SATs exams.  Thank you to the pupils for working so hard and for the support you have given at home.  We hope that they had a well-deserved break this weekend.  Most of the year 2 SATs are also completed and they have also worked very hard.  Other pupils have also completed assessments in class to confirm the teacher’s knowledge about the pupil’s understanding on particular subjects.  This information can then be used to target specific groups with support and consolidate learning during the last term.

We are all looking forward to a busy term 6, with various activities planned and interesting class topics it should be a great end to the school year.  Please do take time to look on the school website for the Programme of Work for each Class to find out what the pupils are learning in school.

Try a New Sport Day

Pupils enjoyed a day of activity and fun last Friday during Try a New Sports Day.  Pupils were in mixed age groups and completed a variety of different sports throughout the day including cheerleading and tennis. 


Sunny Days

We are fortunate to be enjoying beautiful weather at the moment enabling the pupils to be outside for break times, PE and some lessons.  We encourage pupils to stick to the Sun Smart message:

S pend time in the shade between 11am and 3pm

M ake sure you never burn

A im to cover up

R emember to take extra care with children

T hen use factor 15+ sunscreen

With this in mind please could you ensure that your child has a sun hat in school and sunscreen should be applied before school.  Sunscreen (labelled with your child’s name) can also be brought into school for them to reapply.

In hot weather we also encourage pupils to drink plenty of water so please send your son/daughter to school with a named water bottle.


Could we remind all parents/carers of our uniform policy and ensure that pupils come to school in the correct uniform.  All pupils should have their PE kit in school at all times.  Many thanks.






White/blue blouse or polo shirt

White/blue blouse or polo shirt

School sweatshirt or cardigan

School sweatshirt

Sensible black shoes

Sensible black shoes

Navy/grey skirt or trousers

Black/Grey trousers

Socks/navy tights



Blue gingham or striped cotton dress


Blue gingham blouse

White or blue shirt or polo shirt

Navy long line shorts

Black/Grey trousers/shorts (long line)

White socks


Sensible black shoes/sandals with toe

Sensible black shoes/sandals with toe


PE Kit


White or blue t-shirt

White or blue shorts

White or blue short socks

Swimming trunks/swimsuit and towel

Black plimsolls

(Classes 1, 2 and 3)


Long sleeved sports shirt

(Key Stage 2)


Long Sports socks

Non-fashion trainers/football boots


The school hall can be a very noisy place during lunchtime.  In an effort to reduce the noise and make eating lunch a more pleasant experience for the pupils we are trialing a new lunchtime system.  This will mean that pupils queuing for their cooked meal do not have to wait for as long and pupils leaving the hall can go out to play sooner.  There is also a reward system in place for those that are quiet and polite.  Instead of a whole class entering the hall at once, the pupils are going up in smaller groups meaning that they have less time to wait for their food and more time playing with their peers. 


Many thanks to those who keep their ParentPay accounts in credit.  It is very easy to run up a large debt on the system if your child has school meals daily and attends Before and After School Care.  It is unfair on the pupils if school funds have to be used to cover debts before they are cleared.  Please could you therefore ensure that your ParentPay account is in credit and meals are paid for in advance?  We would really appreciate your help in this area.  If you are in receipt of certain benefits you may be eligible for Free School Meal Status (from reception to year 6) please apply online through the Gloucestershire County Council website.

Internet Safety

All pupils are taught about internet safety as they use the devices within school.  We also ask that parents/carers enforce internet safety at home.  Information is available on our school website and the local police support the school in offering advice and guidance to pupils.  Class 4 recently watched a performance of the play ‘In the Net’ which informed pupils of internet safety in a child friendly way.  Thanks to Friends of the School who supported this event. 

Pupils will be updated with the latest in internet safety from the local police on 10th July.  There is a talk for parents/carers to be held in St George’s Hall at 2.30pm on 10th July.  This should last for 30 minutes and keep you informed about the latest dangers in the online world.  Please add the date to your diary. 

Fly to the Line

A group of pupils are visiting the MOD in Kineton at the beginning of next term as they qualified for a competition to fly their design of paper aeroplanes.   Good luck for the race!

Experience Church

Pupils will walk down to St Peter and St Paul’s, Blockley, in class groups during the week beginning 11th June.  They will then participate in interactive workstations informing them more about the church.

Class Photographs

The school photographers will be in school on 14th and 15th June to take class photographs.  These will then be available to purchase.

Sports Day

Following the success of last year’s sports day and feedback from pupils after the event we are holding this year’s sports day at the Prince of Wales Stadium.  This will take place on 19th June and letters regarding this will be out this week.  To cater for all pupils and families sports day next year will be in Blockley.


Many of us have to drive to school and therefore at busy times Park Road outside the school can be very congested.  Please drive carefully and be respectful of the residents who live both on Park Road and along the Landgate and ensure that they retain access to their properties at all times. 


Please keep an eye on our school website where dates of forthcoming events will be posted.

Gloucestershire Cathedral

Every day during evensong at the Cathedral a particular part of the Diocese is remembered in the prayers.  On Tuesday 12th June it is the turn of Blockley School when the school community will be prayed for.  The service, sung by the Cathedral Choir, starts at 5.30pm and lasts for about 40 minutes. 

We wish you an enjoyable and relaxing half term.  Please remember that school starts for the pupils on Tuesday 5th June.  

Blockley School Staff


Open Door Service

An Open Door Service is taking place at St Peter’s and St Paul’s Church, Blockley on Sunday 3rd June 2018, 9.30am.  This is an all age service with breakfast.  Please join us, everyone is welcome.

Term 4 2018 News Bulletin

Dear Parents/Carers,    

Many thanks for your help this term: from coping with the snow and ice to ensure your children are at school; to helping them with sponsorship and dressing up costumes enabling them to fully engage with the activities happening in school; right through to encouraging home reading and learning of times tables and spellings.   A supportive home environment has a big impact on your child’s learning while in school demonstrating the importance of a strong home-school relationship.

Your child will bring home their school report for this term this week so that you can be aware where they currently are with their learning and how you may be able to further support them.  In Term 5 we plan to have another ‘book look’ event where you will be able to come into your child’s classroom and look at the work they have been completing in school.


You may have already noticed that the last few Bulletins have been issued at the end of the term as well as near the end of the month.  This is a deliberate change and in the future there will be a ‘welcome’ bulletin at the beginning of the academic year, followed by a bulletin at the end of each term giving a total of 7 per year.  This will allow us to celebrate all that has occurred during that term and look forward to the events of the following term.

Shoe Boxes

From Operation Christmas Child:


Your shoebox gift was one of 5,959 sent from Gloucestershire to Bulgaria. In total from the United Kingdom 28,426 were sent to Bulgaria. We thank God for the thousands of children that have received shoeboxes here since Operation Christmas Child began distributions.

▪ Bulgaria has a population of 7.1 million, with 15% under the age of 15

▪ Its per-capita income remains one of the lowest among EU members

 While we are not able to provide pictures or information on the specific child who received your individual shoebox, we hope you will be inspired by the stories below.

  • 4 year old Gabriela received a singing rooster inside her box; the next day this noisy item accompanied her to nursery and brought much joy.
  • Christiana was delighted to receive a set of “Frozen” themed necklaces.
  • At one of the outreach events, there was a little girl who did not have the items she needed to attend school, as her family could not afford them. When she opened her box she was amazed to find everything that was needed for school!

On behalf of the children ‘Thank You’

Paralympic Sport Event – Sports for Schools

During the first week back in school after half term we welcomed Jack Rutter into school.  Jack is a GB Paralympic Footballer and is captain of the England Cerebral Palsy team.  Jack was due to become a professional footballer until an unprovoked assault led to him suffering brain damage.  Jack captained the CP Team at the Paralympic Games in Rio 2016.  The pupils enjoyed taking part in a sponsored circuit training lead by Jack and enjoyed listening to his inspirational story of his life so far!  A fantastic £1243 was raised, so thank you again for your support.  The school receives new sports equipment with some of the money raised with the rest going to support the Paralympic athletes during their training.

World Book Day

Despite the snow and a shorter day than planed the pupils were able to be inspired by their favourite book and wear clothes appropriate to that character.  Once again the costumes where amazing, especially considering the weather conditions.  A great deal of effort in their creation was apparent and the children, parents (and teachers!) had clearly had some real inspiration.

Reading is a valuable way to support your child at home so please continue to instil this habit by reading together and encouraging independent reading when appropriate.

We hope you also managed to enjoy the snow in the days afterwards.

Sing Up

We joined with schools around the world and took part in Sing Up Day 2018.  Singers from 32 countries, 5 continents and 13 time zones took part this year and we joined them in singing the Sing Up ‘Be the Change’ song, along with thousands of others.  It was a great fun way for all pupils to join together and develop a love of music and even learn to sign songs in a different language.  It was also lovely to see so many parents/carers and grandparents in school completing the activities with their children and seeing how music is delivered at Blockley School.  The benefits of singing have been extensively studied and Academic research consistently reports increased confidence and improved learning outcomes as a direct result of singing regularly.  Regular collective worship and choral assemblies give the pupils in school chance to sing together and learn new songs.  Once again the outfits worm by the pupils and staff ensured everyone entered into the spirit of the day, so thank you again for your support and to Miss Overton-Short, as music subject lead for organising the day.

World War I Drama

As part of an out of school group two of Blockley School pupils, Ari and Alice, had spent time meeting with other pupils from local schools to rehearse a drama based around activities that occurred during World War I.  The drama, designed to commemorate the centenary of the war, was a moving production of Archie Dobson.  Ari and Alice played their parts brilliantly and year 4, 5 and 6 pupils from Blockley and surrounding schools came to watch their performance.  They also travelled to other schools in the area to perform to them.

Youth Speaks

Two of our talented Year 6 pupils, Dominic and Sophia, entered the Youth Speaks competition run by the Rotary Club, Chipping Campden.  This year the theme to talk about was ‘lost’.  Both pupils spoke very well in a high calibre field and should be very proud of the way they represented the school.

Poppy Appeal

Every year we take part in the British Legion Poppy Appeal.  Through the selling of poppies and associated items they aim to remember the fallen and support a new generation of veterans and Service personnel that need support.  This year the school raised £141.13, with the district raising £7207.92.


A team of 10 pupils were selected to represent Blockley School at the Panathlon Games held this year at Chipping Campden School.  They competed against other local schools in a range of team games and challenges.  Well done to Blockley who achieved a silver medal.  It was great to see the effort and teamwork demonstrated by the pupils.

Sports Relief

Sport, in all forms, continues to be an important part of the curriculum with the aim to develop a love of being active and living healthy.  A full range of sports was on display in the outfits worn on Friday.  All pupils had an active day with a Wake and Shake session in the morning, playtime games organised by Mr Jones, themed assembly and a variety of fun activities in the afternoon.  We hope you enjoyed the obstacle course at the end of the day.  A grand total of £182.59 was raised for Sports Relief.  Thank you to Mr Jones for organising and running the sporting events.

Egyptian Workshop

Class 3 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians this term and, to finish off their topic, they were able to take part in an Egyptian writing workshop this week.  They had an interactive assembly to begin their session which provided the inspiration for their story writing workshop.  The author Robin Price delivered the workshop and his graphic novel was chosen as a Recommended Read for World Book Day.  Thank you to the Friends of the School for funding this event.


The year 5 pupils led the Easter service at church on Tuesday and we are looking forward to a display of Easter bonnets from the reception, year 1 and year 2 pupils later in the week.

Car Park

We realise that many of our children do not live in the village and therefore have to be brought to school via car.  We are fortunate to have the use of St George’s Hall car park at the beginning and end of the school day.  The area can be very busy at drop off and pick up times with vehicles and pedestrians using the area.  To ensure the safety of the pupils can everyone be mindful that there may be children around your vehicle and to take extra care when manoeuvring your car.

Dogs on Site

Could we remind all parents/carers that dogs are not allowed on the school site.  Many thanks.

Looking ahead…

Start of Term 5

Term begins on 16th April and the car park will be busy at the end of the day due to the Fine Art Society, Blockley, using St George’s Hall.

Sharing Assembly

Please see the website for the dates of forthcoming sharing assemblies.


KS2 SATs will take place during the week beginning 14th May.  KS1 SATs will take place during the month of May.

Marvellous Music

As in previous years the pupils will get a chance to show off their musical talent with an evening of Marvellous Music in term 5.  This is planned for the evening of 23rd May.  Further details will follow.

Sports Day

Save the date!  Tuesday 19th June is our Sports Day.  This year it will be held at the Prince of Wales Stadium, Cheltenham.  We will send out further information nearer the time.


Our Year 6 pupils are looking forward to their opportunity to visit Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre in the Forest of Dean following the visits made by Year 4 and 5 pupils last November.  They will have the opportunity to try out new challenges and fun activities.

After very positive feedback from the pupils and staff it is planned that next year’s year 4 pupils will be able to visit Viney Hill in November 2018 for the first time.  The year 5’s will also have the opportunity for a visit in November to try out some different activities and gain more confidence in their ability. 

Our value for next term is Friendship so we wish you all a very Happy Easter and hope that we all are able to return after the break ready to offer the hand of friendship to others.

Blockley School Staff


Services at St Peter and St Paul Church, Blockley

Good Friday (30th March): 9.30am, all age service followed by hot cross buns

Easter Sunday (1st April): 6am, first communion of Easter followed by breakfast at the vicarage

Easter Sunday (1st April): 9am, all age Easter parish communion followed by the Easter egg hunt at 10.45am

February 2018 News Bulletin

Dear Parents/Carers,

The dusting of snow over school on Tuesday morning this week was a reminder of the Christmas events that took place last year.  Despite the snow in December the pupils still managed to perform a fantastic nativity ‘A midwife crisis’ and ‘well-done’ to the understudies who had to fill in where necessary.  We also managed to enjoy our full range of traditional Christmas activities prior to the holidays including a fabulous Christmas lunch.  Thank you to all the staff and helpers who made this run smoothly and supplied us all with an amazing plateful of food.  Thank you also to the Blockley Picture Playhouse whom gave the pupils a cinema experience of ‘Sing’ including a tasty treat! 

Pupils returned from the Christmas break with a good attitude to learning and have studied hard this term and enjoyed a range of enhanced learning opportunities.  The forthcoming half term break will be an opportunity for pupils to have a well-earned break and return ready to enjoy the range of activities planned for Term 4.

Our value this term is Courage, as Nelson Mandela said ‘“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to overcome that fear’.  We celebrate this value through the awarding of Courage Value Certificates during our weekly sharing assemblies and pupils have the opportunity to write courage prayers for our prayer tree located outside the Head Teacher’s office.

Sharing Assembly

After Friday 9th February, when Class 1 will lead the assembly, all classes have been able to show their parents/carers the work they have been doing at school and demonstrate their talents.  Credit to all of the pupils who spoke with confidence to their peers and adults, a demonstration of our termly value of courage for many who find this a challenge.

Galleries of Justice

Class 5 have the theme of Crime and Punishment for this term.  They are learning about this through the ages as part of their history and cross-curricula work.  As part of this topic they had an enjoyable day out to the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham.  The inspirational visit used authentic courtrooms, objects and archives to help pupils gain a practical understanding of the law and justice system.

Church Visit

After waiting for a rain storm to clear, Class 1 and 2 walked to church to learn more about the village church and items within it. 


Every year we offer our year 6 pupils the opportunity to complete a cycle training course.  This is administrated by the Department of Transport and is about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads.

There are three Bikeability levels, each designed to improve cycling skills, no matter what is known already. Levels 1, 2 are offered to our Year 6 pupils.  The participating pupils brought their bikes into school and, after having the bikes checked for safety, they were able to complete the course.  The pupils did very well in various weather conditions to pass with flying colours.

As car users, please be mindful of our children on the roads and ensure that you leave the recommended distance of 1.5m when overtaking a cyclist and more when a cyclist is passing a parked car in case a door is opened. 

Dance Competition

Class 2 entered into a local KS1 dance competition at St James, Chipping Campden.  They competed against other local schools and danced a successful independent dance.  All pupils performed brilliantly but weren’t placed this time. 

Bishops Visitor

We enjoyed welcoming our Bishops Visitor, Sue Padfield, to school on Thursday, 1st February.  She was able to look at the lovely displays of pupil work and school values and talk to the Class teachers about the events happening in school, as well as visiting classrooms to see pupils enjoying their learning.

Gym and Dance Day

Pupils enjoyed a day of gym and dance this week.  A great opportunity for some end of term fun linked to many curriculum areas.  Pupils were divided into mixed class groups, giving older pupils a sense of responsibility and an opportunity to help their younger peers.  Sessions relating to Yoga, Line Dancing, Gymnastics and Kangaroo dance intermixed with dance related art and maths puzzles were enjoyed by all – staff and pupils!


Well done to the 19 pupils who volunteered to run in the North Cotswold Cross County Competition this week.  A cold but sunny day for a lovely run at the Fire College, Moreton-in-Marsh.  Cheered on by parents and staff all did well to complete the course with a place secured for the county finals by Wilf. 

Paralympic Hero Event

We are very excited to be part of a Sport for Schools programme that links Paralympic heroes to schools to inspire pupils to discover and pursue their passions in life.  The pupils have been introduced to our hero this week and will meet them in person on the 22nd February.  They will visit school to talk to the children and lead a fitness circuit.  This will be a sponsored event to raise money for school equipment and for Great British athletes.  Please look out for further details in your child’s bag and on ParentPay.

Dance Festival

KS2 have an opportunity to show their dancing talents at two Dance Festivals in February and March.  The pupils will travel to Cirencester and Cheltenham to demonstrate their skills and compete against other schools.  Thank you to those supporting the pupils in these events on weekday evenings and weekends.

World Book Day

Looking ahead we will participate in World Book Day again this year which is scheduled for 1st March.  We are planning a ‘dressing up day’ and look forward to seeing some fantastic costumes again and inspiring all to read widely.  Reading is a vital part of your child’s education.  Research by the Reading Agency has shown that ‘reading for younger people has been shown to increase knowledge of the self and other people, which can also lead to greater levels of social interaction and increases in social and cultural capital. Other research has shown improvements in imagination, focus and flow, relaxation and mood regulation for those children and young people engaging in more recreational reading.’  Reading can help inspire our young people, give them understanding of the wider world and deepen understanding in all areas of the curriculum.  Parents/carers can provide vital support by encouraging reading at home, with trips to the local library and demonstrating a love of reading themselves through the reading of newspapers and books.

 Inspiration for this year?  World Book Day 2017

Music Sing Day

On the 14th March the school will be participating in a ‘Music Sing Day’.   This will be a themed dressing up day to celebrate music and singing.  Look out for the letter on ParentPay that will give more details.

Healthy School

We promote healthy eating within school at break and lunch times.  KS1 and Reception pupils are provided a fruit or vegetable snack through the Fruit in School Scheme.  If you wish to send your child into school with a snack could you please ensure that this is a healthy snack and not crisps, chocolate or sweets.  We also ask that nuts are avoided due to the risk to pupils with allergies.  We also encourage healthy packed lunches for those not having school dinners, to fuel the afternoons’ learning!

Morning Start time

Can we remind all parents/carers that school opens at 8.40am and pupils line up to enter school at 8.50am.  Please can parent/carers leave the school site at 8.50am to encourage quiet and sensible lining up.  Between 8.40am and 8.50am staff will be on duty in the playground to supervise pupils.  If you need to drop your children off before 8.40am they will need to be booked into Before-School Care.  Please make sure your child arrives to school on time, ready to be registered at 8.55am or you will be required to complete the late book.  Thank you.

Parents evening

It was lovely to welcome parents/carers to school for parents evening on Monday and Tuesday and for staff to share pupils’ achievements and highlight any areas where they may need extra support.   

School Term Dates 2018-2019

Our term dates and Inset days have been set by Governors for 2018-2019.  These are now available on the school website.  Please ensure family holidays are booked during school holidays.  Many thanks.


Our year 6 pupils are aware that they have their SATs this year.  Amongst the extra-curricular activities they are currently consolidating their learning and gaining familiarity with the style of papers to ensure that the test week runs as smoothly and stress free as possible.  The tests run on during the week 14th-17th May. 

Our KS1 SATs will be administrated to our year 2 pupils throughout the month of May 2018.

Enjoy the February Half Term.

Blockley School Staff

 Class 1 having fun with Forest School activities. 

November 2017 News Bulletin

Dear Parents/Carers,

The cold weather is upon us as we look forward to the Christmas activities planned in school.  Looking back over the past term the pupils have worked hard and been able to participate in a number of curriculum enhancing experiences.  Our value of compassion has been demonstrated throughout the term as pupils work together to support each other and develop a strong sense of school community where we can all feel encouraged and able to learn.

We began the month with our Open Morning on the 1st November where parents/carers had the opportunity to see the school in action while the pupils were in lessons.   It was lovely to welcome new families and thanks to all the pupils who were very welcoming and polite to the visitors.

We are grateful to all the parents who are supporting their children at home and school by ensuring they come to school on time, with the correct uniform and PE kit and are able to encourage reading, spellings and learning of times tables.

With Christmas around the corner, this is a very exciting time within school, with trips planned and Christmas events to take part in.

Operation Christmas Child:

We had an amazing response for our Shoebox appeal.  A total of 42 boxes were sent from Blockley School through the scheme ‘Operation Christmas Child’ run by Samaritans Purse.  They will be welcomed by a child elsewhere in the world who may be less fortunate than us.  Thank you for your generosity, enabling the pupils to demonstrate compassion for others.



Remembrance Service and Blockley Bells:

The whole school had the opportunity to remember those lost in conflicts around the world during a school remembrance service at Blockley Church.  As well as acknowledging past events the pupils were also able to look to the future and view the refurbished church bells, alongside two new additions.  When back in the bell tower they will form one of the largest peals in the North Cotswolds.

Sunday Remembrance service:

Thank you to all those pupils who came to the Remembrance Service at Blockley Church and represented the school on a chilly day.  Harry and Ellie provided the Young Voice during the service at the memorial and the following pupils laid wooden crosses to remember those who gave their lives for the county; Dominic, Alice, Poppy, Gracie, Joseph, Talullah, Alanah, Toby and Christopher.

Rags to Riches:

Thank you to the Friends of the School who organised a ‘Rags to Riches’ event to raise money for the school.  Many bags were collected which resulting in £129.60 being raised for Friends of the School.  A great way to dispose of unwanted items!


On Tuesday 14th November five girls from the KS2 choir spent an hour after school entertaining the residents of Orchard Bank. They sang Christmas songs for 20 minutes and the residents then joined in singing with the girls. They were an absolute pleasure to take and a credit to the school!

Space Masterclass:

A group of Year 6 pupils had the opportunity for some extended Science work when they attended Chipping Campden School for a Space Masterclass.  These events are run in conjunction with the Ogden Trust and use the new Science facilities at the secondary school.

Children in Need:

Spots galore were visible for Children in Need.  Thank you for your support, we raised £163.82 for the charity.


The Year 5 pupils, followed by Year 4 pupils, enjoyed a three day, two night experience away from home at Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre.  The centre in the Forest of Dean gave the pupils the chance to experience life away from home in a safe environment with adventurous and challenging experiences.   Pupils were able to work together as a team in a variety of activities. Staff commented on how well the pupils worked together to achieve the tasks, helping each other and offering encouraging advice.  It was an action packed few days and all were sound asleep quickly at the end of the day!  Hot hearty meals were consumed with relish after a day of fresh air; building bridges, tunnelling, hiking in the dark, making camp fires, completing a low rope course and doing rocket science among other activities.  Watch this space for the Year 6 summer residential.

Flu Vaccinations:

NHS staff came into school on Monday 27th November to administer Flu Vaccinations where consent was given by Parents/Carers.  If your child missed out on this opportunity and you would like them to have the vaccination, catch up clinics are available throughout the county.


The pupils in Class 4 have enjoyed a day creating playground themed Knex creations.  The pair that worked best together and made the most inventive model will go forward to the next level in the competition.  This year the winners in school are Alice and Rhiannan.  Well done and Good Luck.

Harry Potter:

Class 4 and 5 have a theme of Harry Potter for this year.  The theme has inspired their learning from Maths and Literacy to Art and Science.  Fantastic writing of potions and stories intermingled with magical experiments and clay creatures have all been inspired by the book.  To further bring the theme to life they have visited Harry Potter World and arrived back with lots of material to feed into their work.

Emergency Closure:

If the school needs to close for any reason information regarding the closure will be placed on the closed school website:

Where possible this will also be displayed on the school website, a note sent via ParentPay and local radio stations informed.

Car Parking:

With many Parents/Carers needing to drive their children to school the car park can be very congested at certain times of the day especially when events are also taking place in the hall.  We all need to drive and park carefully to ensure the safety of everyone, especially young children who may not be so traffic aware.  Please also drive carefully along Park Road to get to school and be mindful of pedestrians crossing the road, who often have to cross between parked cars.  Thank you.

Afterschool Care:

Afterschool Care is available for all pupils until 5.30pm.  Crafts, games and activities are on offer alongside a healthy snack.  We ask please, that all pupils are booked into afterschool care by filling in the form at the office or telephoning school.  Emails may not be picked up in time as staff may be in meetings or on training courses.  Where possible, book your child in by 1.30pm to help with catering.


All schools have a duty to ensure that all pupils in its care have acceptable and regular attendance.  It is important that your child attends so that they do not miss out on vital parts of their education.  If your child is unable to attend school due to illness please ensure that you telephone school to report your child as absent.  This needs to be done before 10am in the morning. 

Trips Payments:

As part of the broad and balanced education offered within school we offer a range of school trips and events.  Often these are partly funded by the Friends of the School but, in order for the trips to go ahead, we often need to ask for voluntary contributions from Parents/Carers.  Unfortunately if the school does not receive enough money in this way for a particular school trip it may have to be cancelled. 

School Councillors:

The pupils in each class have held elections to vote for who should represent their class in school council sessions.  The School Council then take the class ideas forward to meeting where suggestions are made by the pupils regarding school life.  In the past fundraising activities have been organised by the school council and suggestions made for new playground markings.

This year the councillors are as follows:

Class 5: Ebony, Max S 

Class 4:  Rosie, Jacob

Class 3:  Lily , Daniel

Class 2: Lilie, Nancy

Class 1: Grace, Mylo

Forest school:

We are very happy to introduce Forest School to Blockley School. The Class 1 children have begun weekly sessions on a Thursday afternoon. So far we have covered exploration, bug hunting and knots and lashings. We are currently using potato peelers to whittle our own marshmallow sticks in preparation for our first Forest School fire in two weeks time.  It is hoped that we will be able to offer Forest School to older children through after school clubs in the summer term.


Thanks to the pupils who gave up their time to bell ring during Parents Evening and remind everyone it was time for the next appointment.

Thank you also to the pupils who represented the school during New Reception Parents Evening and showed potential new parents around the school.

Staff Goodbye:

Thanks to David for all of his work in school from lunch time supervision to school cleaning.  His lunchtime supervisor position will be filled in January with a new member of staff.  Sarah has taken on the cleaning role after school in addition to her lunchtime duties.  We welcome her to this new role.

Chair of Governors:

Hilary Thornburgh is the Chair of Governors and Charlotte Crutchlow is the Vice-Chair for this academic year.


Following the FOS AGM our thanks go to those on the committee who have stepped down and have worked so hard over the years supporting the school.  The committee has welcomed new members and the new Chair of FOS is Clare Turner. 

Christmas Fair:

We look forward to welcoming Parents/Carers to the Christmas Fair.  Stalls will be run by each class and the pupils will have had an opportunity to visit the fair during the school day (please send your child to school with some change in a named purse if you wish them to purchase items).  Parents and Carers are welcome to browse the Fair in St George’s Hall from 3.10pm onwards.

Looking ahead:

The pupils are looking forward to seeing Sleeping Beauty at the pantomime on Wednesday 6th December.  Following this, on Thursday, a fun day of sport is planned entitled ‘Sports Hall Athletics’ so please ensure PE kit is in school.

The KS1 pupils are busy practising their nativity ‘A Midwife Crisis’ and are looking forward to performing it to family and friends.  Ticket numbers are limited per family due to hall regulations so please look out for the ticket ordering forms.  The performances will take place on Tuesday 12th December (afternoon) and Wednesday 13th December (6.30pm).  The KS2 pupils will have had chance to see the performance in school time earlier in the week.

Father Christmas is booked to visit school on Wednesday 13th December and children will be able to visit him in his grotto during the school day.

On Thursday 14th December (9.30am) the school Christmas Service will take place in Blockley Church.  Parent/Carers are welcome to join us.

School Christmas lunch will take place on Friday 15th December for all pupils and staff.  Please ensure your child has ordered their meal in advance and that KS2 pupils pay for this on ParentPay.  Pupils are encouraged to wear Christmas jumpers on this day with normal school uniform.

Reports will be issued to parents at the end of term.

On Monday 18th December the pupils will enjoy a film in St George’s Hall put on by the Blockley Picture Playhouse.

Our term ends on Tuesday 19th December at 2pm.  Please note the earlier time.

Happy Christmas in advance and have a wonderful Christmas break.

School Begins for pupils on Thursday 4th January 2018.

Blockley School Staff.

Church News

We look forward to welcoming you to our Christmas Services.  All services listed are at St Peters and St Pauls Church Blockley unless otherwise stated.  The Christingle Service on Sunday is a wonderful service to bring children to and start the festive season.

Church Dates

3rd December    4pm       Christingle

16th December  11am     Blue Christmas for those who have been bereaved

17th December  6pm      Carol Service

19th December  7pm       Paxford Carol Service

24th December 4pm       Crib Service

25th December  9.30am Christmas Day Communion


September 2017 News Bulletin

Dear Parents and Carers

I am delighted to be able to welcome everyone back to a new academic year. We now have all of our wonderful Reception pupils in full time and they are all settled and getting use to their new environment. In addition to these 19 new Reception children we also have 6 other children in Key Stage 2 who have started Blockley School this academic year. This means that we are starting the school year with 145 pupils on roll.

The school summer holidays are now a distant memory. This year autumn seems to have caught us all by surprise! Cooler temperatures, windy days and a number of wet play times have set a more traditional autumnal scene. Who knows what the remainder of the calendar year will bring us! Class 3 made a lovely autumn display, in the corridor outside their classroom earlier this term, which was full of rich, warm colours.

I am pleased with the sensible and considerate manner in which the children have returned to school. They have returned with the right attitude towards learning and accepting greater responsibility. Both of these traits are essential for the children to understand as they become increasingly more independent as a learner.

We are all very excited by the prospect of a new school year ahead of us. For the children there will be plenty of new knowledge to learn and digest. At the same time new and existing skills will be understood, developed and enhanced. As well as academic progress each child will be developing their ability to socialise through formal classroom settings and more in-formal playground experiences.


Each term we focus on one individual value which we spend time elaborating upon during collective worship and within class lessons. This term our focus is to understand the value of generosity. We have considered how we can be generous in many different ways including being generous with our comments, consideration and support for each other. The children have access to our values board in school which helps to visualise the meaning of the word.

Prayer Tree:

In the school foyer we have set up a new prayer tree for the children to hang their thoughts and prayers upon. The tree was donated to the school by St Peter and St Paul’s Church in the village. In the short space of time that we have had the tree, we have already received a number of prayers from children who have placed their own words upon the branches. I hope that this is another way that the children can feel supported whilst at school.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for joining us at the church this year for our Harvest Festival celebrations. The children from the Harvest Club thoroughly enjoyed harvesting Rev. Dana Delap’s vegetable garden this year! Similarly we were very grateful for all the non-perishable food items that parents donated. They have all been sent off to our local food banks to help support those within our wider community.

All of the children worked hard with their songs, artwork, and plays. It was a great occasion for us all to be together, as a school community, to reflect upon all that we have access to in terms of; food variety, quality and quantity. We all need these moments in time to just ‘stop’ and remind ourselves just how lucky we all are to live in a civilised, well organised society that has the potential resources to help and support those in greatest need.

West End Schools:

The whole school enjoyed an inspirational day of dance and drama led by West End in Schools where they learnt about the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, for National Poetry Day.  The pupils enjoyed class workshops before coming today to perform their dances to each other in a whole school assembly.  A great opportunity for inspirational writing – “Twas brillig”!

Tag Rugby:

We have had a very active start to the new school year. Recently we took a team of Year 3/4 to Stow Rugby Club to compete in a festival of tag rugby. With both experienced rugby players and some children completely new to the game it was great to see our team gel and win 5, draw 1 and not lose a single game!

Young Sport Leader Training:

Looking forward we have Helen Pauling from Kingshill School, Cirencester, coming in to work with our year 6 children providing them with young sports leader training. Helen is the Sainsbury School Games organiser for our area so we are very lucky to have her come in and work with our children. She will be teaching them a host of skills including team and leadership skills as well as showing the children how to run sporting events within our school.

Cross Country:

We have both our intra and inter school cross country competitions coming up before half term. All children will compete in a house cross country competition on Wednesday 11th of October.  House points will be awarded to all those who compete. On an individual level year 3/4 and 5/6 children that finish in the top ten will qualify for the school team that will compete in Chipping Campden on Tuesday the 17th of October.

Football Day:

On Wednesday 18th October we will be holding our annual football day, this will involve the children taking part in a skills session and also doing maths and literacy based around the sport of football. We will also be having our football house matches for the older children in the school.

Premier League Primary Stars:

On a football theme you may hear the children come home and talk about Premier League Primary Stars, here is a little more information for you;

Premier League Primary Stars uses the appeal of the Premier League and professional football clubs to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills. Premier League values underpin everything on offer, encouraging children to:

  • Be ambitious – work hard and never give up on their goals
  • Be inspiring – set a great example to others
  • Be connected –work well with others and in a team
  • Be fair – treat people equally and think of others

Competitions range from national football tournaments, to creative writing and reading challenges for reluctant readers. Our current competition is Premier League Writing Stars – a poetry competition where we are asking pupils to write poems on the theme of resilience.

We are asking the children to take part in this poetry writing competition, they have had a whole assembly about this and should feel inspired to write an amazing poem! We are lucky as a school to have received lots of equipment from the Primary Stars, including 25 Nike Footballs, Bibs, Cones, 4 ‘Pop up’ Goals and even a captains armband! It is an exciting scheme that we are sure will inspire the children.

Race 4 Life:

On Friday the whole school, children, staff and parents all joined together to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Unfortunately everyone knows someone who has suffered with or is recovering from Cancer. It makes sense that we all work together to raise money and support each other in the hope that the medical teams will be able to gain greater control of this complex disease.

It was a joy to see all of our children out in the fresh air being active and promoting the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. With information about health and wellbeing being readily available to us, we should all be fit and well! However, there are many factors which get in the way of us all being able to lead the ideal healthy life style. It is important however, that whenever possible, we all promote the benefits of leading an active healthy life style.


As a Healthy School, which provides high quality healthy lunches, we must remind our children to choose to eat healthily between meals too. Since returning this academic year we have noticed that there is an increasing proportion of pupils which are bringing snacks to school which would not be deemed to be very healthy. We know this because of the high proportion of empty crisp packets and chocolate based wrappers that are forming the litter around the margins of the school. Every day in school we have fresh fruit available for the Reception and KS1 children to enjoy. For this there is no charge and the food is of a healthy nature. May I ask all parents to be very mindful about the snacks that your children bring to school.

Parent’s Evenings:

We have set aside two parent’s evenings for you to come into school and discuss with the class teachers how your child is settling in to their new school year. These parent consultations are for a maximum of 10 minutes only. If you overrun on time it has a knock on effect to all the other timings across the school. Can I please therefore ask that all parents are mindful of the 10 minute allocation and give consideration to other parents. Dates for Parent’s Evenings are; Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th October between 3.30 and 6.30pm.


Since our return you will have noticed that St George’s Hall car park has had some repairs and maintenance done to the tarmac surface. More ‘T’ markings have been painted and a new gravel pathway has been made. When parking cars next to this pathway please be extra mindful of the children using it. We are very pleased that St George’s Hall Committee have managed to do these jobs to support the school’s safe use of the car parking facilities.

Looking forward:

Height and weight measurements will take place for Reception and Year 6 pupils on Tuesday 10th October by the School Nurse Team. There will be a X-Country trial in school, on Wednesday 11th to select children for the Chipping Campden X-Country race which occurs on Tuesday 17th October. FOS is putting on a Spooky Disco for Key Stage 1 and 2 on Friday 13th October. Class 1 and 2 disco is between 5.30 – 6.15pm and Class 3, 4, 5 is between 6.30 – 7.30pm. Tickets will be available from the School Office during week beginning Monday 9th October. House football matches will take place in school on Wednesday 18th October. On Thursday 19th October individual and sibling photographs will be taken of all pupils during the school day.


On Wednesday 18th October at 6.30pm FOS will hold its AGM.  All parents/carers are warmly welcome.  FOS are a wonderful committed group of parents who help raise funds to support your children.  If you would like to be involved, do come along and find out more about what they do.


We are pleased to announce that our latest Environmental Health inspection of the school Catering Department awarded the school a 5* rating.  This maintained our rating at the highest level.  

Thanks to the kitchen staff for maintaining their high standards.


Please can I remind all parents of our school website which contains lots of useful information regarding your child’s education whilst at Blockley Primary School.

Best wishes and kind regards

Mr Pudifoot


Church Chat

All are most welcome to our Open Door Service, a service for all ages, where all are welcome to eat something, learn something, pray something and sing something.  These take place on the first Sunday of the Month at 9.30am and our next one is on Sunday 5th November when we will be making bells in preparation for the return of Blockley Church Bells.

Following this, on Friday 10th November, we have a service of thanksgiving and dedication for the bells.

On Sunday 12th November Blockley School Children are welcome to join us at 10am for the Church service of Remembrance which concludes at 10.45am at the War Memorial where the children will place crosses.

Revd Dana Delap

July 2017 News Bulletin

Dear Parents and Carers

We have now come to the end of another very busy academic year. It is good to reflect on some of the highlights of the year. Earlier in the year we had a Harvest service in the church and enjoyed a French day with crepes for everyone. Class 4 took part in the K’Nex challenge and FOS put on an exciting Spooky disco for everyone.

During term 2 we had a visit from PC Nick Westmacott who gave talks to pupils in KS1 and KS2 about Internet Safety. Following this there was a Remembrance Service in the church on Sunday 13th November which many of our children attended. Around this time children in years 3 to 6 represented the school at the Chipping Campden cross country event. Class 5 attended a fascinating discussion by a NASA astronaut at Chipping Campden and the whole school enjoyed a hilarious pantomime at Chipping Norton Theatre. After the success of the Christmas Fayre, which the children loved, the highlight was of course the brilliant performances by KS1 of the Nativity. All the children were pleased to have a visit from Santa and the Christmas meal was very special.

From term 3 onwards we have all been treated to an array of sharing assemblies from each class. In early February a group of year 5 and 6 pupils performed beautifully at the Bingham Hall for the Cirencester Dance Festival. In the final week of that term a group of girls and boys from year 5 & 6 attended the annual Fire College cross country race where several Blockley children qualified for the county finals.

In term 4 the children loved dressing up in character for World Book Day. Year 4’s spent an afternoon at St James’ school learning more about Internet safety whilst the Year 5’s spent the day at Kingham Secondary school engaged in a range of science activities and workshops. During this term the school put on a wonderful Marvellous Music evening where a number of children performed perfectly to a packed audience. Two year 6 pupils qualified to attend the Youth Speaks competition at the Baptist church in Chipping Campden with both of them speaking, in public, with great confidence and knowledge. In the run up to Easter all the children got to attend the ‘Experience Easter’ workshops which were organised by Rev Dana Delap at the church. Before we finished the term KS2 pupils put together an interesting Easter Service and everyone loved the Easter bonnet parade by KS1.


The month of May consisted of lots of tests which the children engaged well with. Following these a group of children in KS2 went on a fabulous residential trip to London to see the sights! During the final term this year we have enjoyed a range of activities including a visit from the Life Bus. The two main highlights this term were Sports Day and the performances of Joseph. Throughout the whole year children across the school have enjoyed getting involved with Musicate.

New Reception:

Just recently we were very pleased to welcome our September Reception pupils for two taster afternoons. They were all very inquisitive about their new environment and had the chance to meet all their new friends. We are all very much looking forward to receiving them properly again in September.

Sports Day

The decision to hold Sports Day this year at the Prince of Wales Stadium in Cheltenham was a huge success. All of the staff were delighted by the way all the children embraced this new opportunity. The pupils recognised that this was a special place to hold a Sports Day and all of them rose to the challenge. They thoroughly enjoyed their House parade in front of their parents, waving their flags and displaying their House banners. Their ‘Olympic song’ was sung by all with plenty of gusto at both the start and finish of the event. Every child gave their very best in each event, scoring points for their House team and participating with friends. There were many highlights but one that remains most is that of the youngest pupils engaging in the bean bag races!

The whole day was a great staff team effort centred on the experience and enjoyment for all the children. I am extremely grateful to Mr Jones who, organised, set up and managed the running of the day. He was of course assisted by all the staff that also thoroughly enjoyed the day. I hope that through events such as this we can encourage as many of our young children as possible to take up sporting activities to help maintain a healthy active lifestyle. Finally I must say a big thank you to all the parents who were able to give up their time to come and support this event.



Joseph Production:

The summer production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat was absolutely spectacular! The children in KS2 put on 3 magnificent performances; two for their parents and one to the whole school. Each performance was amazing with every single member giving their very best. The children’s singing, acting and speaking were brilliant – all were done with confidence and characterisation. Some of the children really did have a great deal of responsibility with large parts to learn and many solo’s to sing. We were all delighted with every single child as they all came together and supported each other to make the whole performance an immense success. At the heart of any show is great direction which Mrs Dodgson-Hatto did with great ease. Other staff that helped to make this work so well included; Miss Overton-Short, Mrs Davies, Miss Alcock, Mrs Dean, Mrs Petit, Mr Jones, Miss Riddle, Mrs Alymore and Mrs Siviter.

Thank you to all the parents for carefully putting costumes together and supporting your children through the rehearsals and the performances. A big thank you also goes to FOS for putting on the refreshments, the one hundred square and lucky dips on both evenings.



Last Thursday the school organised a fundraising event for all the children to participate in. The money raised was split equally between Diabetes UK, Water Aid and FOS. The fundraising activity was based around the children, organised in their House groups, to collect water from a water trough and then transfer and transport it, in a variety of different containers, to a House water butt in the appropriate colour. The children had to work as a team to manage and efficiently move a total of 320 litres of water. This activity enabled the children to realise that water is very heavy and difficult to transport and that using it sparingly is most important. The school managed to raise £214.22 which will now be split evenly between three very good causes. The House that managed to move the greatest amount of water was Dovedale – well done!


Bishop Jacob:

Just this week we were lucky enough to receive a visit from Bishop Jacob from Tamale, in Ghana. The children had prepared a range of questions for the Bishop when they met him on Monday during our school assembly. He was a big hit with all the children as he managed to get them all up singing and dancing!


I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Bolam and Mrs Clark for co-Chairing FOS and organising and running events throughout the year to raise funds for the school. I would also like to thank the whole committee for supporting the co-Chairs during this academic year. I hope that FOS will continue to encourage new parents to join the committee when we return to school in September.


On behalf of all the staff I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all parents for supporting your children, getting them to school every day on time and for helping them to learn to read at home. We all appreciate that being a parent is a tough job but at the same time it is immensely rewarding. We are all very grateful for the many offers of help that we have received throughout this academic year.

Year 6:

All the staff would like to wish our 25 year 6 children every success in their new secondary schools. I’m sure that they will use all the skills that they have acquired in Blockley to help them develop and go on to learn new and exciting things in the future.  Well done each and every one of you, we are all very proud of your achievements to date.


Please can I remind all parents of our school website which contains lots of useful information regarding your child’s education whilst at Blockley Primary School.

Summer Holidays:

I would like to wish everyone a happy, safe and enjoyable summer holiday when families can be together and enjoy each other’s company. We look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 5th September, starting at 8.50am, all dressed smartly in their full school uniforms.

Best wishes and kind regards

Mr Pudifoot


June 2017 News Bulletin

Dear Parents and Carers

Summer has recently been truly upon us with temperatures soaring into the low 30’s. Thankfully this week the weather has cooled down to a level which is more usual for our country.  It is wonderful to see the crops ripening and the meadows full of wildflowers. That aside we have just 3 weeks left of the academic year with a diary full of events to look forward to.

Sharing Assemblies:

I would just like to mention just how ‘well-crafted’ all of the ‘sharing’ assemblies have been this year. Clearly the children have loved preparing for them and being totally engaged whilst presenting them. They are a wonderful opportunity for children to gain confidence in speaking and performing in front of an audience. This term we have enjoyed watching children in classes 1 and 2 sharing their topics including the seaside! We hope to continue to put these sharing events into next year’s calendar as well.

Life Bus:

We began the term by inviting all the children to attend a session in the Life Bus. The focus for the Bus is to encourage children to learn and understand more about Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE) so that they are better equipped to cope with the wider world. The sessions included information about the brain, friendships, the human body, drugs and making informed decisions. The staff involved with the bus are very well trained in dealing with some of the more searching questions related to PSHE that children come up with. Having spoken with both children and staff it would appear that the children got an awful lot out of attending the sessions.


Since the start of this final term we have had two new pupils arrive and they are Dante and Leonardo in classes 3 and 4 respectively. They have both settled in very nicely to their new classes and we hope that they will establish new long lasting friendships as we progress through this term.

Longborough Opera:

We were very lucky to have Longborough Opera attend out school at the start of term to put on several workshops for some of the classes. We are very grateful to them as they brought a wealth of creative talents which they willingly shared with our children.

Oxford University:

Recently we were invited to send three year 6 pupils to a science event at Oxford University. Unfortunately we were not able to take everyone on this occasion but three lucky pupils, drawn from the hat, had the opportunity to spend the day engaged in a range of workshops related to Physics. The three children were Oliver Gill, Olivia Robinson and Seth Daley-Allan.

Phonics Screening:

Every year all year 1 children have to complete an individual Phonics Screening test to assess their knowledge and understanding of phonics. One of the primary ways of learning to read effectively is through a good understanding of Phonics. For most children once they have grasped the use of phonics they can then apply this decoding tool to help decipher most of the vocabulary that they are presented with. Well done to all of our year one pupils who tried so hard with this test.

Summer Production:

Rehearsals for Joseph are now in full swing with songs being practiced and lines being learnt. We are all very excited about the two evening performances for parents on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday the 12th July starting at 6.30pm.

Induction Days:

This week a number of our year 6 children have been to Induction Days in their new schools. This is often a time for these pupils to be both excited and anxious at the same time when they are beginning to get use to the inevitable changes that are coming upon them. I am certain that they will all cope very well with these changes and will before long be enjoying all that is on offer in the Secondary environment.

Musicate Update:

Rehearsals for the Showcase concert are going really well. Jess and Will are so pleased with the progress that all the children have made over the past year. We are looking forward to seeing children perform at Cheltenham Town Hall on Saturday 8th July.

PE Kit:

Could all parents regularly check that their children’s PE bag is in school each week? We presently have a number of children who have no PE kit in school and we don’t have enough spare resources to kit them all out. It is really important that your child has the right clothing to fully participate in PE lessons.

Parent Support Advisor (PSA):

Our PSA is Tracey Baker and she works directly with parents and carers to ensure the best possible outcomes for children by providing access to information for families. Tracey can help parents and carers by offering friendly, non-judgemental support for a range of issues such as: poor attendance, behaviour concerns, family issues such as bereavement, separation or lone parenting. Tracey is available most Thursday mornings in school. If you have not already spoken to her and would like to do so please make an appointment at the School Office.

Sports Day

We are all thoroughly looking forward to our Sports Day event at the Prince of Wales Stadium in Cheltenham. All children need to arrive in school a few minutes earlier than normal so that they can be properly registered before boarding the coach. The school gates will be open from 8.30am and the school bell will be rung at 8.45am. We anticipate arriving in Cheltenham shortly before 10.00am when we hope to begin the event. I do hope that many of you will be able to join us for the session which will finish at the stadium by 2.00pm so that we can return to school by 3.00pm.

Young Photograph Competition

Congratulations to Olivia R who won a Highly Commended Award in the Gloucestershire Young Photographer of the Year 2017.

New Reception afternoons:

Next week there will be two New Reception afternoons on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th July between 1.00 and 2.45pm. We hope that all of those who have accepted places for September 2017 will come along and join us for the afternoons in question.


On Thursday 13th July we intend to organise a fundraising event for all the children to participate in. The money raised will be split equally between Diabetes UK, Water Aid and FOS. As it is summer this will be an activity that will be water based and competitive between the four school Houses. The idea being that most of us take readily available clean water for granted, but we would like to get our children to appreciate that this is not the case for everyone across the world. We will set up an activity that encourages children to realise that water is very heavy and difficult to transport and that using it sparingly is very important.

This will also be a non – uniform day for everyone and FOS have offered to organise, from 3.10pm, a “Stay and Play on the Field” immediately after school finishes. They will be offering refreshments for both children and their parents so that children can enjoy their friends whilst in the company of their parents on the school field.


We are now all familiar with our new markings to help support consistent parking. I am pleased that this is being helpful to everyone. You will also notice, like all organisations, we are committed to providing facilities to support those with disabilities by providing a wider ‘yellow designated’ parking space. Can I remind all parents that this space is only for the use of those with a blue designated disability sticker which is displayed in the window of their vehicle. Everyone’s cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes and kind regards

Mr Pudifoot


Church Chat:

Tomorrow, Saturday 1 July, the church is holding a celebration.  We don’t have anything special to celebrate, we are just glad to be here, now, doing all the lovely things we can in Blockley.  So we are having a short service at 4pm with Bishop Rachel, followed by ice cream and French fizz at the Vicarage.  Everyone is invited, especially children.  On Sunday 6 August we are having breakfast at 9:30am in the church followed by our annual Pet Service.  Again, everyone is very welcome, especially pets!

Revd Canon Dana Delap

May 2017 News Bulletin

Dear Parents and Carers

Half term is fast approaching and it seems almost inconceivable that we are now at the end of term 5! With Easter falling late this year,  a term length of only 5 weeks, a Bank Holiday set within this and the formality of SATs in Years 2 and 6 the term just seems to have disappeared! It is of course great to be busy and to have plenty to look forward to in the coming term.

With the heating finally turned off for the summer, it is nice to be able to open the windows and allow the warmth of the sun to enter into our lives once again. The onset of summer brings a richness of colour to our countryside and the added bonus of extended days to appreciate and enjoy the great outdoors. Our surrounding environment provides us all with a wealth of opportunities to explore our fascinating country.


I would like to extend a warm welcome to several new pupils who have recently started at Blockley School. They are; Lacie-Mai and Amelie in Class 1, Lilah in Class 2, and Edward , in Class 3. They are already settling in well and getting use to their new classroom environments. I’m sure that everyone will continue to help make these children feel included in all aspects of school life.

Giving their utmost:

During the second week in May, children across the school were given a range of assessments and tasks to complete so that we can gauge whether individuals and groups of pupils are making progress and gaining a good understanding in English and Mathematics.

At the same time the Year 2 and Year 6 pupils had to sit formal SATs assessments which are compiled by the DfE. The Year 2 SATs papers form one piece of evidence which helps teachers to make an accurate overall judgement of how your child is developing according to the 2014 National Curriculum. The Year 6 pupils have also had the opportunity to show the examiners what they have understood and to apply their learnt skills. The results of these National exams will not be available to schools until July 2017. As with all exams they are important but at the same time we must keep the results in perspective as testing children at a very young age is not always the most accurate reflection of an individual’s overall ability. Children at the very young age of 7 and 11 years old still have a lot of their educational career in front of them and we must always remember that children develop and respond in different ways and at varying times in the early life.

In school, we were all very proud of the way that they all managed to cope successfully with the added stresses that are often associated with these unusual situations. Now that they are complete I hope that they can all get back to fully appreciating their primary education.


The trip to London was a huge success story and enjoyed by both staff and children alike. I would like to convey my immense gratitude to; Mrs Dodgson-Hatto, Miss Overton-Short, Mrs Miles, Mrs Pettit, Mr Jones and Miss Riddle, for their commitment and kindness towards all the children, their organisation to make this trip a very memorable experience, their ability to work closely as a team and still summon up a sense of humour first thing in the morning – thank you all so much.

The children had a wonderful time and we are very proud to say that the staff received many very positive comments about their good behaviour, courtesy and politeness.

New IT equipment:

During this academic year we have managed to purchase 5 new Interactive Touch Screens, one for each of the classrooms across the school. These make excellent teaching tools especially when used interactively with the children. These, along with the laptops last year, make for a substantial investment in our ICT facilities.

Musicate Day Wednesday 24th May 2017:

We held a whole school Musicate day to coincide with a visit from Jess our Musician. We spent the day as mixed aged groups, from Reception to Year 6 taking part in a variety of activities related to our Music Building Blocks. All the children were engaged and participated to the very best of their abilities. Jess was extremely impressed at how the children worked together as a team and at how respectful and thoughtful they were to each piece of music they listened to. A big thank you to all the staff and children who embraced Music for the day.


PE Kit:

Could all parents regularly check that their children’s PE bag is in school each week? We presently have a number of children who have no PE kit in school and we don’t have enough spare resources to kit them all out. It is really important that your child has the right clothing to fully participate in PE lessons.

Parent Support Advisor (PSA):

Our PSA is Tracey Baker and she works directly with parents and carers to ensure the best possible outcomes for children by providing access to information for families. Tracey can help parents and carers by offering friendly, non-judgemental support for a range of issues such as: poor attendance, behaviour concerns, family issues such as bereavement, separation or lone parenting. Tracey is available most Thursday mornings in school. If you have not already spoken to her and would like to do so please make an appointment at the School Office.

Sharing Assemblies:

 Class 4’s  sharing assembly will take place on 26th May.  The final few will occur as follows:

9.00am   Friday 9th June      Class 1

9.00am   Friday 16th June    Class 2

Please note that class 5 will not be participating in a sharing assembly this term as they will be at the heart of the school performances on the 11th and 12th July.

Looking Forward:

During the first week back in June all classes will engage in a timetable of PSHE events when the Life Bus comes to visit Blockley Primary. Also during this first week of term 6 classes 1 and 3 will have the chance to participate in several workshops which are being put on at the school by Longborough Festival Opera. Later in the term we have our Sports Day at the Prince of Wales Stadium (Monday 3rd July) followed shortly afterwards by the School Production which this year will be ‘Joseph’.

Annual Reports:

As in the past we will be issuing a written report to parents and carers about your children’s progress and development throughout the 2016-17 academic year.  These will be sent home on Friday 14th July.

School Photographs:

The school photographer will be in school on Tuesday 6th June and Wednesday 7th June to take individual photographs of the Year 6 pupils and to take photographs of all the Class groups.

BEd Students:

I would like to welcome back our two teacher training students, Hannah Kelly and Abi Pearson to classes 2 and 4. They will both be in school up until 21st June next term.

And Finally:

A brief reminder to everyone that children start back to school on Tuesday 6th June as the staff have an In Service Training day on the Monday. May I take this opportunity therefore to wish everyone a happy, relaxing and safe half term holiday.

Best wishes and kind regards

Mr Pudifoot


March/April 2017 News Bulletin

Dear Parents and Carers

The signs of spring and Easter are all around us. In the fields we can see new life beginning with the ‘greening up’ of the hedgerows, the yellow headed daffodils nodding in the breeze, not to mention the lambs leaping joyfully in the fields. And, I’m sure that many of us will indulge in a hot cross bun or two during the Easter weekend! If the weather is nice do take the opportunity to take your children out into the countryside and enjoy this celebration of new life emerging all around us.

SATs week:

Monday 8th May represents the start of the statutory tests at the end of Key Stage 2 in English and Maths. At the same time children in year 2 will also sit their end of Key Stage1 tests which forms one aspect of the overall judgements about attainment and progress for these pupils. This effectively means that we have one more week of this term and 2 weeks at the start of next term before the tests begin. During this time these groups of children will be working especially hard.

We want all children who are involved in these tests to have the very best opportunity to achieve what they are capable of. To do this we will continue to do revision work in school. Please can year 6 parents encourage their children to do the work that is offered to them at home as part of this preparation. It is also very important that all children, especially those sitting tests, get plenty of sleep and have opportunities to relax and enjoy their childhood too.

On-line Pupil Survey:

Last year 63 pupils, from years 4 to 6, took part in Gloucestershire’s Healthy Living and Learning survey. The results of this survey have now been analysed and issued to schools across the county. This is a detailed survey but it would seem appropriate to share a few of the highlights with you.

Importantly 94% of Blockley School children reported that they were ‘happy most of the time’ as compared to the county average of 82%. Also 90% of our children felt either ‘confident to extremely confident’ about their futures as compared to the county average of 79%. Equally 87% of our pupils surveyed did not worry about attending school as compared to 80% for the county average not worrying about school. Some 92% of the children surveyed felt that any bullying incidents were ‘well dealt with’. The county average for whether or not bullying incidents were ‘dealt with well’ was just 74%. In terms of safety 98% of Blockley pupils felt safe in school compared to the county average of 95%. I’m also very pleased to announce that 97% of the pupils surveyed in our school ate breakfast before attending school. The county average for this was 88%. It was pleasing to see that 94% of our pupils surveyed washed their hands after going to the toilet compared to 88% as the county average. However, only 75% of Blockley pupils surveyed remembered to wash their hands before eating a meal. The county average for this was only 66%. Clearly some work needs to be done around washing hands before eating!

Overall the health and wellbeing of our children, based on the survey results, makes for encouraging reading.

In Partnership with Parents and Carers

Below is a table showing the schedule of occasions when we communicate with parents regarding your children. Our communication has been via two main routes in the past, those being by reports (summary and annual) and parents ‘evenings’ (parent consultations, open afternoon and open mornings in class 1).

Through discussion with staff we would now like to add one additional opportunity for parents to come into school. This has now been timetabled in for Wednesday 26th April 2017. For this one morning, in term 5, we will be opening school to parents and their children, from 8.30 until 9.00am, to come in to class and have a look at your children’s books. This should be a lovely opportunity for children to share their school books with their parents and carer’s. To help reduce congestion can I ask that parents enter the school via one of your children’s external classroom doors. We look forward to seeing you all then.

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6


Parents Evenings


Report Summary


Parents Evenings


Report Summary



New Book Look

26th April 8.30 – 9.00am



Annual Reports &

Open afternoon afterwards

KS1 Maths Parents Evening:

Thank you to all those who made the effort to attend our Key Stage 1 Maths Information Evening. The support you offer with your children’s learning is invaluable.

Dinosaurs in the Early Years!

EYFS and Key Stage 1 recently enjoyed a ‘dino experience!’ We were visited by two rangers and their life-like dinosaurs, Chip and Ronnie.  The children enjoyed finding out new information, looking at fossils and artefacts and meeting the dinosaurs. Thank you to Friends of Blockley School for funding such a wonderful experience.



World Book Day:

On Thursday 2nd March Blockley School was full of Harry Potters, Mad Hatters, Horrid Henrys and other book characters…We were of course celebrating World Book Day!! We enjoyed dressing up, sharing our favourite books and taking part in some exciting English activities. We also used the experience to inspire some brilliant creative writing. Thank you so much to Parents and Carers for the support in helping your children to create their imaginative costumes!

In The Net:

On Friday 3rd March class 4 took a trip to St James and Ebrington to learn about how to stay safe online. It was an exciting performance which showed the dangers of a public social media presence. The children had a fun time and hopefully took away some important information to help them stay safe online.

Kingham Hill Secondary School Science Trip:

On Monday 13th March year 5’s from both Class 4 and 5 took a trip to Kingham Hill High School for a day full of exciting science practicals. Both children and staff were treated to a delicious lunch with the rest of the school before being shown their brilliant science labs. The children were split into different groups and completed different activities involving dissecting animal organs, burning different types of metal and making paper spinners.

Comic Relief

We all had a fun day wearing something ‘funny for money’.   Thank you for your support with ‘funny outfits’.  A fantastic £147.79  was raised for the charity.

Youth Speaks:

The annual Youth Speaks competition was held last week at the Baptist church in Chipping Campden. This year the children had to give a speech on “If I were……”. In total six schools, including Blockley, took part in the competition which is put on by the Rotary Club. Our two very well prepared representatives for this event was Amelie Cate and Oliver Gill. There was a very broad spectrum of topics chosen from; if I were a road sign to if I were a fruit bowl. Clearly all the children had done lots of research for their chosen speech. All the children did extremely well and it was difficult for the three judges to choose a winner. This year Blockley school was not the overall winner but we did come a very commendable second place with Amelie’s beautiful poem. I would like to say ‘well done’ to both Amelie and Oliver for working so hard and showing great confidence in speaking to a large audience.

Books for School;

If you are having a spring clean and find books your children no longer need then the school library would be grateful for donations of good quality, appropriate reading books for pupils from Year 1 upwards.

PE Kit:

Could all parents regularly check that their children’s PE bag is in school each week? We presently have a number of children who have no PE kit in school and we don’t have enough spare resources to kit them all out. It is really important that your child has the right clothing to fully participate in PE lessons.


Some of you may have noticed that Blockley School staff has started to park adjacent to St George’s Hall. This is to allow parents to park safely on the side closest to the large grassy area. We have done this to try and make it as safe as possible for children and parents to exit their cars and walk safely towards the school on one side of the parking area only.

May I ask that parents and carer’s use all of the parking area and not to congest the entrance by parking in the first available spot. Please can everyone continue to use St George’s car park with the greatest of caution, as nobody wants to see anyone get hurt, least of all a child. Everyone’s continued careful driving is appreciated by all – thank you.

Parent Support Advisor (PSA):

Our PSA is Tracey Baker and she works directly with parents and carers to ensure the best possible outcomes for children by providing access to information for families. Tracey can help parents and carers by offering friendly, non-judgemental support for a range of issues such as: poor attendance, behaviour concerns, family issues such as bereavement, separation or lone parenting. Tracey is available most Thursday mornings in school. If you have not already spoken to her and would like to do so please make an appointment at the School Office.

Sharing Assemblies:

The next sharing assembly will be in Term 5, on Friday 12th May. This assembly will be put on by class 3. This will be followed by class 4 on Friday 26th May 2017.

Best wishes and kind regards

Mr Pudifoot



Church Chat

Please join us for the next Open Door service on Sunday.  An all age service with breakfast! 9.30am—10:30am.  

The children have all been to Blockley Church for Experience Easter this week.  Each child had the opportunity to learn about Easter in a fun and interactive way. 

Please join us on Easter Day for a church service at 9.30am followed by an Egg Hunt in the churchyard for children at 10.30am.  The church notice board will display details of other services going on over Easter. 


Friends of Blockley School

1st April – Forest Area Spring Clear Up (volunteers please!)

1st April – Frog Racing at 7:30pm  CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF TICKET SALES

Sunday 23rd April—Freestyle360 5/10k Run  FOS providing coffee and cake

Quiz please look out for the latest Easter Quiz going home in pupils book bags.  £1 entry fee—please enter by Friday 7th April



Events for your Diary

6:30 pm Information Evening for Receptio...
Information Evening for Receptio...
Nov 13 @ 6:30 pm
New Reception Parents for 2019 Information Evening.
all-day Children in Need
Children in Need
Nov 16 all-day
Wear spots – more details to follow.
all-day End Term 2
End Term 2
Dec 21 all-day
Term 2 ends at 2pm.
all-day Term 3
Term 3
Jan 7 all-day
School open for pupils.  Gates open at 8.40am.
9:00 am Class 1 Open Morning – Literacy
Class 1 Open Morning – Literacy
Jan 28 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Class one literacy open morning.  Information and sign-up sheets will be available nearer the time.
9:00 am Class 1 Open Morning – Numeracy
Class 1 Open Morning – Numeracy
Jan 29 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Class 1 numeracy open morning.  Information and sign-up sheets will be available nearer the time.