Year 5 maths this week

You have a decision to make.

White Rose Home Learning have 2 additional alternative lessons this week about reading data. The main lessons cover skills which you need to understand clearly and apply across a range of learning in year 6 and beyond so make sure you can do these accurately. The alternative lessons are important but they do not contain basic principles.

Lesson 1: Alternative

Year 5 ALTERNATIVE – Lesson 1 – Read and interpret tables

Year 5 ALTERNATIVE – Lesson 1 Answers – Read and interpret tables

Lesson 2: Alternative

Year 5 ALTERNATIVE – Lesson 2 – Two way tables

Year 5 ALTERNATIVE – Lesson 2 Answers – Two way tables



Justice means more than making things ‘fair’.  In order for people to live together well in a just community, it is important to have rules or laws that everybody sticks to. Imagine if there were no rules for people driving cars on the road!
As a family you may want to talk about:
• why it is important to have rules and laws
• rules or laws that you don’t think are just (or fair)
• family rules that you think are important

Thought of the Day

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Martin Luther King Jr

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