Timetable and Letter -Week Beginning 30th March 2020

Monday 30th March 2020

Hello Class 5!

I do hope that you and your family are managing to stay safe and well. I miss you all very much despite being rather busy; it is not the same without all of you in school. Remember, I am only an email away class5@blockleyschool.gloucs.sch.uk .

My daughter has just delivered my shopping – stepping well away from the house – and I have had the unusual experience of washing up all of my shopping! Pizza boxes don’t like being given a good hot wash and labels have come off tins – I might have some surprise meals!

Hopefully, I have uploaded your home learning for this week.

Please look at the timetable which suggests how to organise your work. You are all old enough to self-organise and this is a great opportunity to develop that important skill and drive your own learning.


All of the maths has the answers. Do what we do in class: do a few à mark à correct àmark à ask for help or move on. Some of the work has different levels, you have a good idea of where you need to start. If you are not sure then choose the middle level (sometimes shown with  ). If it is too tricky change to an easier level – you can always move up. If it is easy, move up and aim for speed and accuracy. You know if you cannot answer multiplication questions and division facts instantly and if this is the case, work on TTRS. What is 7 x 9? What is 720 ÷ 12? Longer than 2 seconds? You know what to do …


Keep up those diaries, in these extraordinary times you are writing primary sources of evidence. Diaries are private – draw pictures, add notes in envelopes and really personalise it. I am really enjoying reading about some of your planned trips to Chicago – keep sending them in!

There are 2 online learning tools to support your learning:

  • Active Learn’s Bug Club has books at the right level for you – it is an online library. Reading is essential and it is a skill that needs practising. There are questions to answer on some pages and I can track your activity. If the books are too challenging then let me know and I shall re-allocate others.
  • Education City has activities and worksheets uploaded for this week (grammar and spellings) – again, I can track your progress.

Pen pal letters to Chicago

I have scanned and sent letters from all children who were in school during the last week. If you were out of school then please handwrite a letter and if you scan or take a photo of it then I shall send it to Mrs Donnely who will forward them. Please do not put your home address or surname on your letters. If you don’t have copies of your pen pal’s letters to you then email me and I shall scan them over to you. We still have some people’s books at school. If you are on your daily exercise or driving past for an essential journey then you may pick them up from outside school. They are in a box near the top gate. Please use the disposable gloves to open the box.

Journey to the River Sea

For those of you who want to know what happens to Maia, Finn and Clovis, the audio book is free  https://www.audible.in/pd/Journey-to-the-River-Sea-Audiobook/B079VR7Q55 I think this version is unabridged (the full version). https://www.amazon.co.uk/Journey-to-the-River-Sea/dp/B002SQ5RVQ or https://www.audiobooks.co.uk/audiobook/journey-to-the-river-sea/357811 also have free versions Sadly, this version is abridged (it has been shortened).

I found it a really satisfying ending which many books today don’t always have; it ties all of the loose ends together.

Get plenty of exercise! Have you heard about the man who was due to run the London Marathon? He did it in his back garden instead (873 laps). https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/28/man-from-sidcup-runs-marathon-in-his-south-east-london-garden-coronavirus


Remember that you can always email me and tell me what you are up to or upload photos. If you need help, whenever I can, I will help.

Stay safe and take good care,

Mrs Furniss.

P.S. Despite being in a bag, the bread was soggy!

Open this link to see your timetable for the week.

Class 5 timetable WB 30-03-2020



When we think about generosity we usually think about being generous with money or possessions. However, we can also be generous with our time, our gifts and our abilities.

Thought of the Day

Generous people often say that they receive much more than they give. Perhaps this is because when someone is generous to us, it makes us want to be generous in return. The opposite of being generous is being selfish. What kind of person would you prefer to have as a friend?

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