Follow your year group’s White Rose Home Learning Maths:

Summer Term – Week 3 (w/c 4th May) lessons 1-4

Year 5:

Year 6:

Challenge yourself with any of the Friday Maths Challenges.

On Thursday have a go at the Brain Teaser – what will the prize be this week? (It comes out via Parent Pay.)

Get practising on TTRS for next week’s competition! 

Main maths activity

W.A.L.T.: solve …multi-step-fractions-of-amounts word-problems

There are 3, starred levels. If you find word problems and/or finding fractions of an amount challenging then start at 1 star (remember 50% = ). If you are unsure about which level to start at then start at the 2 star – you can move up or down the challenge scale.

Do one, mark it, correct and move on.

There is a crib sheet to help you: Tuesday crib sheet -how to find fractions of an amount

Tuesday crib sheet how to find fractions of an amount Tuesday multi-step-fractions-of-amounts word-problems


Main maths activity

W.A.L.T.: solve problems using decimals

Adding and subtracting decimals

Read the instructions for how the tower of block works.

There are 3, starred levels. Choose the level that is right for you. As usual, if you are not sure then start with the 2 star and move up or down.

Do a tower, mark it, correct and move on.

There is a crib sheet to help you: Wednesday crib sheet -how to find fractions of an amount.

Wednesday adding-and-subtracting-decimals

Wednesday crib sheet tower block adding subtracting decimals

Main maths activity

W.A.L.T.: converting fractions to percentages and ordering them at speed

There is a crib sheet if you need help

Everyone needs to do the middle attaining sheet and  email me your timings for 1 and 2 along with how many you got out of 27 for number 1 – before correcting and whether you got the order correct for number 2 please. You must do corrections

You can then move on to the higher attaining sheet or the brain teaser or both!

Thursday crib sheet convert fractions to percentages Thursday Higher Attaining fractions to percentages Thursday Middle Attaining fractions to percentages



When we think about generosity we usually think about being generous with money or possessions. However, we can also be generous with our time, our gifts and our abilities.

Thought of the Day

Generous people often say that they receive much more than they give. Perhaps this is because when someone is generous to us, it makes us want to be generous in return. The opposite of being generous is being selfish. What kind of person would you prefer to have as a friend?

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