Starting this week, maths is different.

You will be learning from videos and doing worksheets called ‘Get the Activity’.

Go to the website:

You need to open:

Summer Term- Week 1 (w/c 20 April)

Aim to do at least one lesson a day BUT not Friday’s- follow the timetable.

If possible, try to get Summer Term- Week 2 (w/c 27th April) done as well.

You do not need to do TTRS, Fluent in 5 or CGP this week so that you can spend time getting used to this new learning.


I have created some resources for you to use if you would like to. The document contains a 10’s frame and some red and yellow counters that you can cut out and use.

Resources for White Rose Tasks 

27.4.2020 Yr1 White Rose Maths Screen Shots

Here are a number of activities for you to complete throughout the week.

Monday 20th April Year 1

Monday 20th April Year 2

There is an activity for you to complete as well as a challenge each day. They are labelled Monday to Friday but please do complete them at your convenience.

There are a number of activities for your child to do on Education City which include activities and worksheets. Again, complete when you can.

Y2’s can complete pages 12,13,14 in their CGP arithmetic and reasoning books if you haven’t already.  

Here are a number of activities for you to complete throughout the week (when you are able to).

Monday 30th Year 1

Monday 30th Year 2

There are 3 activities for you to do in these documents. They are labelled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays but do them at your convenience.

There are two more activities for your child to do on Education City which include an activity and worksheet.

Y2s you have your CGP sat books which include:

Arithmetic: Pages 1,5,9

Reasoning: Pages 5,6



“To be truthful with others, you must first be truthful with yourself”

Thought of the Day

‘I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God’.  In a court of law a witness swears an oath on the Bible or another sacred text, but sometimes in everyday life people find it more difficult to be truthful.

Talk together about occasions when complete honesty could cause trouble or be hurtful. For example:
• When a member of your family asks you if you like their new shoes
• When telling the truth will get your friend into trouble
• When someone asks what you are thinking but the answer would hurt their feelings

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