Yr 1

Below is your maths for this week. You are working on money and understanding the coins and notes we use. 



Monday Ordering numbers

Monday Answers Ordering numbers


Tuesday Recognising coins

Tuesday Answers Recognising coins


Wednesday Answers – Recognising notes

Wednesday Recognising notes


Thursday Counting in coins

Thursday Answers – Counting in coins



This week the book your work is based on is called Oliver’s Vegetables. there is a mixture of complex patterns, addition and subtraction which builds on last weeks work.





Work sheets and answers below















This week your work is based on Zog. I am very excited as it is one of my favourite books. Your will need to use tens frames, as you did last week. It is a good idea if your able to, to chalk or use tape to mark them out on the ground and use physical objects to help your deeper understanding of numbers.



Please find your worksheets and answers for White Rose Week 6 below. As before you will need to watch the video, pausing when necessary, and then work your way through the worksheet. Alternatively on the timetable you can answer questions from your Power Maths book, you will find the page you need on the Timetable. 

Lesson 1 Monday Measure mass

Lesson 1 Monday Answers


Lesson 2 Tuesday Compare mass

Lesson 2 Tuesday Answers


Lesson 3 Wednesday Introduce Capacity and volume

Lesson 3 Wednesday Answers


Lesson 4 Thursday Answers

Lesson 4 Thursday Measure Capacity


This week you will be able to use your Power Maths Book alongside the White Rose sheets.  You will find the worksheets and answer sheets for each day below.



Monday Lesson-1-Compare-lengths-and-heights

Monday Answers Lesson-1 Compare-lengths-and-heights


Tuesday Lesson-2-Measure-length

Tuesday Answers Lesson-2 Measure length


Wednesday Answers Lesson-3 Measure-length

Wednesday Lesson-3-Measure-length


Thursday Answers Lesson-4 Introduce-weight-and-mass

Thursday Lesson-4-Introduce-weight-and-mass


Friday Maths Yr1



You need to continue with the White Rose Maths, you do not have a book to work from as the Yr1 children are building on their previous knowledge and understanding which is something you are doing in a more practical way. This week your lessons are from the book Super worm!



Super worm Week 5


Yr 1

This week your Maths format is slightly different.  You can still access the videos on the White Rose Website using the link below


The Worksheets and the Answer Sheets are below

Monday Yr1 White Rose Work Sheet

Monday Yr1 White Rose Answer Sheet


Tuesday Yr1 White Rose Work Sheet

Tuesday Yr1 White Rose Answer Sheet


Wednesday Yr1 White Rose Work Sheet

Wednesday Yr1 White Rose Answer Sheet


Thursday Yr1 White Rose Answer Sheet

Thursday Yr1 White Rose Work Sheet


Friday – This is not on White Rose, you should be able to complete this sheet with little support.

Yr1 Friday Maths


Reception Maths 

Please read the Resources sheet as it explains the importance of talking to your child but also allowing them the time to answer questions and working out if they are correct or not before you support their understanding.

This week you are learning about The Very Busy Spider.

Week 4 W.C 11th May


Resource Sheet

11.5.2020 Reception The Very Busy Spider


This week we will continue to use the White Rose Maths which I know you all became familiar with last week. We are only completing lessons 1 – 4 as there is no Home Learning on Friday due to the Bank Holiday. 

Yr 1

There are no flashback 4 this week so you will need to go onto the Maths Warm Up and complete the Fluent in 5 Actitvites.

Your main activities can be found on the White Rose Maths Website

Summer Term Week 3 ( W.C 4th May 20202)


Please watch the video and then click on the Get Activity worksheet and the Answers worksheet. 


Please start with your Warm Up Activity sheet.

Your main activities can be found on the White Rose Maths Website

Summer Term Week 3 (W.C 4th May 2020)

Hungry Caterpillar


Please find below the Resources needed this week

4.5.2020 Reception Maths The Hungry Caterpillar

Good Morning,

You will have received a letter explaining how maths will look during home learning from today onwards. We are adopting the White Rose Home Learning Scheme for all year groups. Below are the links for this site.





The Lesson format is set out so you watch the video and then do the activity sheet.  Reception, your  site is slightly different as the worksheet is a hard copy of the video to print out. 

You will need to start with Summer Term -Week 1 (w/c 20th April) and follow each days activities. Do not do the Friday Maths Challenge. If possible we would also like you to complete week 2 this week as well. 

Yr1 you do not need to do any other warm up activities this week, this will help you to familiarise yourself with the new layout.

Reception please do your Warm Up activities as usual.

Reception Warm Up

To help you with this new learning each week I will provide you with resources you may wish to use whilst watching the video


27.4.2020 Yr1 White Rose Maths Screen Shots

Resources for White Rose Tasks


Reception Resources for White Rose



“Respect – to get it you must give it”  Anon

Thought of the Day

This term we are thinking about the importance of treating others with respect even if we sometimes do not agree with the way they behave or the things they say. We have also been thinking about how we should treat the things that belong to us and to other people respectfully.
• Think of some practical ways that you show respect to each other in your family.
• Often we show respect to someone by the way we speak to them.  What does this mean in practice?
• Do you treat one another’s possessions with respect? What does this mean in practice?

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