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Smiling keeps us healthy – when we smile we feel less worried and that makes our bodies work better by increasing our white blood cells and helping us fight infections and diseases.  Smiling makes other people happy – smiley people provide a boost of good energy, smiles and laughter for everyone around them.

Growing Together – inspired by the Christian Faith

Since ancient times, people have built cairns at the tops of hills. These are piles of pebbles that become surprisingly big as each person reaching the top adds another pebble. Sometimes our prayers can seem small, but so many people are praying that our prayers are part of something much bigger.

Clapping for key workers on a Thursday night is a small thing we all do with great love and thanks.

Paint or draw rainbows on stones and leave them as a trail for other children to spot as you go for a walk. Look for them when you go for walks on other days and see if anyone has added any more.

Growing Together – inspired by the Christian Faith

Gather a calm kit, find a bag you like or can decorate and choose four or five things to put in it. You can choose things like a cushion to hold or lie on, a smooth stone to hold, something special that was given to you by someone who is important to you, the words of a favourite prayer, happy song or a poem that makes you feel positive . When you feel under pressure, worried or upset choose one thing from your bag to hold while you breath slowly and remember a time when you felt safe and calm. When you are ready replace it and if you want to choose another.  You can do this as many times as you like.

Growing Together – inspired by the Christian Faith



“Respect – to get it you must give it”

Thought of the Day

We are learning this term about the importance of treating others with respect even if we sometimes do not agree with the way they behave or the things they say. We have also been thinking about how we should treat the things that belong to us and to other people respectfully.
• Think of some practical ways that you show respect to each other in your family.
• Often we show respect to someone by the way we speak to them. What does this mean in practice?
• Do you treat one another’s possessions with respect? What does this mean in practice?

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all-day End Term 3
End Term 3
Feb 18 all-day
Last day of term 3 for pupils and staff.
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Start Term 4
Feb 28 all-day
Term 4 begins for pupils and staff.
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End Term 4
Apr 7 all-day
Term 4 ends for pupils.
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Apr 8 all-day
INSET day for staff.
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Start Term 5
Apr 25 all-day
Term 5 begins for pupils and staff.
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End Term 5
May 27 all-day
Term 5 ends for pupils and staff.

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