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Respect – to get it you must give it” Anon

Religious communities often treat their holy books with great reverence and respect. They believe the holy
book contains God’s teaching.
• Christians believe that the Bible is God’s word to his people. They show respect and reverence by treating the Bible carefully.  In some churches the Bible has a special stand called a lectern, from which it is read during worship.



Learning to be a good friend, someone who can be trusted and is loyal, takes a lifetime. Talk together about how friends come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are young, some are old.  Some are always there, some we see only occasionally.
• How do we choose our friends?
• What makes a good friend?
• Are we a good friend to others?

Thought of the Day

“A good friend is worth their weight in gold.”
That’s a lot of gold! Why do you think that this is such a popular proverb?